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It’s Here!

It’s here!! At last, it has been travelling for a few weeks over the ocean from New Zealand. Any idea what It could be?…


Yeah! It’s my Christmas present from my beloved… an Ashford, Joy spinning wheel…. Aaaahhh, what a sight to behold… makes my heart flutter…

Kye was so impressed with the packaging… what is it about boxes and large pieces of paper anyway, they just love it.


Now to share a new book that I collected from the post office this afternoon, it’s called Gorgeously Green I cannot wait to sit down with my cup of tea and read this book from cover to cover, unterrupted, Ahem… maby not, but will try.  It was recommended to me by a very good friend who cannot put it down. Printed on recycled paper, the ends of the pages are not completely smooth, (which I love!) it has everything from how to green your home, garden, food, beauty and cleaning products etc… I bought it through a company called The Book Depository, they have very reasonable prices and offer free shipping world wide which is wonderful…
Ok so now I am off to stare at my Joy, read this book and sip my tea… in that order 🙂

Some Lovely News…

Hello everyone,
We have been having the most heavenly sunsets here in South Africa at the moment, beautiful radiating light…
Ok, now for the wonderful news!
A local writer, here in South Africa will be publishing the most amazing book of knitting patterns and instructions early next year. I have been asked to contribute two, knitted animal patterns that are to be included in the book! (Happy dance!) I feel very honoured to be included, thank you D:)
The two animals that have been chosen are indigenous to South Africa and Africa and I have just finished writing and knitting the first pattern.
Below is an Aardvark pronounced (Ahhh-r-d-vark), the english translation from Afrikaans is ‘Earth Pig’. They are mammals and can live for up to 23 years. They eat termites and females give birth to 1 baby per year. They have long sticky tongues, about 12 inches long, that they use to remove termites from termite hills. Here is a link to more information about them. I love these creatures, they are adorable!

This knitting book will include a large variety of patterns and instructions as well as information about all our local yarn makers and dyers here in South Africa. The author and publisher are still deciding on a title for the publication but as soon as I know what it is, I will update everyone:) It will be avaliable for sale here on my blog as well as from local South African book shops, internet book shops and also oversease. The book will be avaliable in English and Afrikaans.

I have just spoken to the author and she has a lovely proposal. There is a search going on for a title for this book, please feel free to comment and leave your suggestion for a title. If your suggestion is chosen, you will be sent a free copy of the book when it is published wherever you are in the world! I am looking forward to your suggestions:)

I will be adding this little Aardvark to my Etsy shop for sale soon too:)

Tomorrow, I will be sharing my Easter Rabbit knitting pattern on my blog as a tutorial for everyone:) Thank you so much for all your comments and those who follow this space:)

Have a wonderful day:)


Nature Tables and Seasonal Activities

This is our nature table for the beginning of Autumn, I am sure it will change quite a few times over this season with little treasures being added here and there from our morning nature walks…
These are a few of the books I love to refer to throughout the year while following the seasons and festivals… They are really beautiful and worth adding to you personal library at home. They are filled with recipes, activities, festivals and much more…
Festivals Family and Food by Diana Carey and Judy Large
All Year Round by Ann Druitt
The Children’s Year by Stephanie Cooper
I also treasure these lovely titles, they are filled with the most amazing inspiration, The Big Summer Activity Book really is wonderful! And so are all the rest:)
The Big Summer Activity Book by Anne and Peter Thomas
Earthwise by Carol Petrash
Nature’s Playground by Fiona Danks
Crafts Through the Year by Thomas and Petra Berger
Caiden has just started with a weather block, so each day he records the type of weather we are experiencing. Since we are heading into Autumn and our trees are all showing signs of transformation, we though a lovely art activity would be to do some leaf rubbings.
First we collected different leaf shapes that had already fallen to the ground.
Then we took some white paper and place the leaves under it one at a time. Took a flat crayon and rubbed over the area where the leaf was placed and a beautiful impression emerges on your paper… It is fun activity for Spring or Autumn…

Here is the finished leaf collage:)

Happy Tuesday everyone:)


Market Sunday: Sock Yarn and a Book Review

Market Sunday:
On a Sunday if I have any new stock or yarns etc… I will be loading them here for all to see before I list them on my local shop, in South Africa .
These are my new sock yarns that have just arrived! They have been dyed by a local South African dyer and they are so beautiful! They are one of a kind. If anyone is interested in buying any here, before I list them, just send me an email 🙂 They are all 3.5 ounces and are perfect to knit socks or shawls…
Price : $ 14.00
Shipping: $ 7.00 per ball
Payment through Monster Pay. ( I will just send you an invoice to your email, it is very easy to use:)
(The turquoise and the mulberry next to the turquoise above have now sold 🙂
Book Review: A Farm in my Heart by Emilia Le Roux,

For some reason, I am unable to turn this photo around! But I still had to share this book with you. My hubby gifted me with it on Thursday evening when he returned from a business trip. I love this book! It has everything, recipes, gardening tips, composting, canning and jam making. How to make cheese. It is a fantastic South African book, but can be used all over the world.

It has been written by Emilia Le Roux and reads like a story. She writes about her life as a child growing up on their farm and how much she has learned by living on the land … It is truly an amazing book… I can’t put it down. Today for lunch I made her Peppers Stuffed with Aubergines, truly wonderful!!

Have a great Sunday everyone:)

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