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WIP Wednesday


This little goat is a custom knit for someone in Canada, he is off travelling across the Atlantic Ocean to his new home right now. His pattern is available in my shop, I custom knit too:)

Sadie Horse

Sadie, will be added to my shop later today, she was knitted and made by Jenna.

Sherper Hat

I have been working on my Sherpa Hat design. I knitted it in Lopi Yarn and now I am going to re-knit it in a Nurturing Fibres Aran weight yarn. I am going to knit Erin one for her birthday on Monday. Shhh don’t say a word:) This design, reflects the mountains on the sides of the hat and Sherpa tents that would be put up during long mountain expeditions, so I thought, the Sherpa Hat was a fitting name. Kye graciously agreed to model it for me.

Autumn Sky Cowl 1

Thank you so much to everyone who offered to test knit the Autumn Sky Cowl pattern, the test knit is now full and is well underway on my Ravelry group.

Our weather is really cooling down here quite a lot, soon it will be time to light fires in the early mornings and evenings. I love sitting near the fire and knitting, I’m really looking forward to that.

Reading: The Lord of the Rings.

Joining with Ginny today.

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Circumnavigate Cowl, Yarn Along

I am so excited to share this new project with you, the Circumnavigate Cowl. I love it, the pattern stitches and the shape of it. From the very start, I knew just which roving I was going to spin, a camel silk for extra softness… and it is incredibly soft to wear around the neck.

I knitted the pattern exactly as it was written and didn’t change a thing. The colourway of this roving reminds me of the ocean… My Ravelry notes are here.

I am looking for a new cardigan pattern to knit, Richard has been so sweet and has offered gift me with wool for my birthday on Friday:) So, I have been searching Ravelry for a pattern along similar lines as the Shalom and Tea Leaves, if you have any suggestions, please do share them.

Have a wonderful day and Yarn along, I am joining with Ginny today.

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Yarn Along



I have finished my Elegant Cotswold Cowl, I decided on this name as I wanted it to have an almost historical flavour to it of  Elizabethan times. It is a delicate cowl to be worn with a jacket or a simple shirt, to add beauty to what you are wearing. It fits snugly around the neck and what fun I had knitting it. I am usually designing patterns of animals but I have started also thinking about clothing, incorporating wonderful design elements… I am busy charting the pattern now and will make it available on Ravelry as soon as it is ready. My beautiful daughter Jenna was kind enough to model it for these photos…

I am so looking forward to visiting your links via Ginny’s Yarn Along

Hope you are having an inspired day:)


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Yarn Along

I have been knitting and knitting these last few days. It keeps my mind occupied and is quite therapeutic in a way. I knitted down to the edge on my Tea Leaves Cardi and finished the trim edge. I have finally started on the first sleeve and can’t wait to be finished. I really love the feel of this cardigan and the wool I have knitted it in, it’s so soft and light, I think I will wear it all the time once it’s finished.

I have had so much to think about since my dad had his stroke, I almost can’t believe how busy my thoughts are… So knitting in the round repeatedly for the arms of this cardi is a wonderfully calming motion…

I had about half an hour to wait before I could go in and visit my dad today. I started reading all the lovely accounts in My Grandmother’s Knitting of how some knitters learned came to knit. It really is wonderful.

I have some amazing news about  my father, when we went to see him today, he opened his eyes for a brief moment and spoke a few words to us. The matron also told us he ate some of his dinner last night! He is still very sleepy, he sleeps most of the time, but occasionally he opens his eyes!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, they are giving us such strength and hope…

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