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I’ve been knitting up a storm and have really loved designing Henrietta the Hedgehog, we will have a test knit of the pattern soon on my Ravelry group.


Our Spring garden is bursting with beauty and the most gorgeous variations of the colour green. I just love it!! Above is the beautiful Petria creeper in full bloom, takes my breath away…


A few eggs collected from our chickens yesterday, some are brown, some are white, others cream and of course slightly speckled.


Here is our precious girl Delilah lying on the couch in our bedroom this morning on her favourite blanket…

Today I am grateful for:

My family, helpful people, friends, our health, our beautiful pets, clean running water and food to eat each day. What are you grateful for today?

Hope your weekend is just lovely…


Yarn Along

New Hedgehog

We’ve just finished the shark test knit and I’ve started a new design for a hedgehog! I’m really enjoying the Fur stitch, it’s really fun to learn something new! I’m about halfway with hedgie and then we’ll open another test knit on my Mamma4earth Ravelry group!

The last few weeks have been a little chaotic, Jen has been writing Prelims and just finished today, she’s basically completed school and writes her finals in November. I really can’t believe how the time has flown, one minute she was just starting homeschooling in grade 4 and now she’s going to varsity in a few months…

Thanks so much for popping in here and reading, do say hi before you leave :)



Finn the Shark Test Knit

Shark Teeth

Shark finished

Shark Back


My Finn the Shark test knit is underway, there are still 5 spots available if you’d like to join in:) To sign up, go to my Mamma4earth Ravelry group here, join my group, add your name to the test knitters list and comment on the Finn the Shark test knit thread, mentioning that you’d like to take part.

Here are some more details about the pattern:

You will need to be able to knit in the round for this project :)

50 grams of grey worsted Nurturing Fibres wool
4 mm circular needles
Merino fleece for stuffing or standard stuffing
Sewing up needle
Felting needle and black fleece

Small amount of red worsted wool.
4mm needles
Red cotton for sewing on the red mouth piece.

2.25mm needles
Small amount of natural/white sock wool
White cotton for sewing on the teeth

Test Knit will begin on Friday the 21st of August and finish on September 1st.

Have a wonderful day!




Apple pattern

It’s a very exciting day today! My Apple pattern has been featured on the front cover of Knitsy magazine, issue 23!!!! Thanks Knitsy!!

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