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December 1st and a Giveaway Winner


Thank you so much to our lovely sponsors, it’s such a pleasure to promote your gorgeous shops. Please click on the buttons above and see what delights they have on offer.

Giveaway Winner:

We also have a winner for Sally’s (pinkhairgirl’s) fantastic new knitting book, Mzansi, South Africa on my Needles:

Congratulations to:

Diane November 26, 2014 at 2:28 pm

simply stunning!


Happy Spring!

Please welcome our new sponsors on this, the first day of Spring!

Woolies Toys


At Woolies you will find the most beautiful heirloom quality stuffed animals and toys made from natural materials. Sara’s toys are amazing and fashioned according to the Waldorf / Steiner tradition.

A little more about Woolies and Sara:

Woolies combines my passion for knitting and my love of animals. Still a child at heart, I delight in the magic and joy that small animals bring to us. The comfort and warmth that a lovey portrays….I still have a few of my stuffed animals from my childhood long ago. They are cherished possessions.

We have nine animals currently on our little ranch – 2 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats and a desert tortoise, many of them rescued animals. I adore each one like they are my children. They inspire me!


My Sweet Homeschool

In Katie’s words:

I’m Katie, My Sweet Homeschool is an online homeschool community whose goal is to encourage and inspire new and seasoned homeschoolers, no matter what curriculum they have chosen, to have their best homeschool year ever: one that is beautiful, intentional and satisfying. I am the mother to 5 children ages 4-14 whom I have been homeschooling since 2008 and I have been a pediatric speech language pathologist since 1995. I am also a certified yoga teacher and an urban farming advocate. When I’m not reading to the kids or crafting, you can find me working on achieving my herbalist completion certificate via the Herbal Academy of New England.

Do click on their links and see what they have to offer.

If you would like to become a sponsor on Natural Suburbia, you can contact me at:


July 1st


Thank you so much to my wonderful sponsors, we really appreciate your support. If you would like to visit these beautiful shops, please just click on the buttons above. They sell the most gorgeous treasures imaginable and I’m thrilled to be able to promote their businesses here on Natural Suburbia.

If you have a small business and you would like to become a sponsor on Natural Suburbia, we would love to hear from you,






May 1st

Thank you SO much to our wonderful sponsors!

Just click on their buttons to view their lovely shops!

To find out more about sponsorship, you can email me here:

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