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Dunblane March Hare, MTB Race

Rich and I

Yesterday, Richard and I rode in the Dunblane March Hare MTB race. It’s my first official long race and I’m really glad I entered.

Changing a tyre

Sadly I had a puncture right near the end of the race but Richard was there to help me get going again.

Clogged bike March Hare

When we rode up through the mielie (corn) fields and encountered large patches of mud, my bike got so clogged up that the back wheel wouldn’t even turn! I found a stick and tried to remove as much as I could…

March Hare Dunblane





New shoes!

Railway line

Beautiful Cosmos flowers along the railway track.

Linda March Hare

I finished the 40km race and was happy to just sit and not move for a while. What an amazing experience and thank you to my hubby Richard for all his encouragement and patience:)


MTB with Rich


On Saturday, Rich and I went venturing off into the plots along the single track and open areas on our mountain bikes. It was an overcast day, which was perfect for riding. We stopped off to have breakfast at a quaint restaurant along the way.


There were resident cats and chickens walking around, sweet little creatures.


I have finally started wearing riding shoes with cleats, quite a daunting experience but I have only fallen off once because I needed to avoid a car and forgot that my right foot was cleated in! Other than that I really love them, they help to pull me up the uphills, if that makes any sense:)


We rode through this beautiful meadow. We saw plenty of guinea fowl and small birds flying around, it was lovely. I managed to ride 33km on Saturday, (never thought I could ride that far, so yay!!)


Hope you’re having a wonderful week…


Father and Son Time…

Cady and Rich Mtb Race

On Saturday, Richard and Cady did their first mountain bike race together in Nigel! They had a fantastic time and are already planning their next race in September and I hope to be joining them:)

Have a wonderful week.



Knitting and Mountain Biking

photo 1 (6)

We had a beautiful ride this morning, left home at 7am travelled to a nearby shopping centre to park our car and then off we went riding our bikes. It was wonderful to be out in the open, so many birds singing, butterflies flying around settling onto the fresh mud on the orange clay roads. We even spotted a tiny Mongoose scurrying across the track into the thick grass. It felt so good to experience nature like this and of course my love was there with me, so we had a few hours of quality time spent together.

My back feels much better today, we rode 25.5km and it was fine, I was a little tired but I’m sure I’ll be able to manage the 30km ride next weekend, we’ve entered the Serengeti Classic MTB race it’s our first race together and I’m looking forward to it! :)

photo 21

We stopped for a water break and while we were standing looking around at the scenery, we spotted an eagle circling near this Bluegum tree, can you see him to the left of the tree? I only had my phone camera to work with and I kept stopping to take photos, there were just so many photos I would have loved to take, the Cosmos flowers in bloom and the Red Bishops’ flying ahead of us on the path. A whole flock of them would settle a few metres away on the tracks, we would ride closer and then they would all fly up and once again settle a few metres further away…

photo 1 (3)

photo 3

My love ♥

photo 2

As we crossed the main road and rode onto a thin path bordered with thick, long grass, we discovered these tombstones, there were so many of them, overgrown graves lost forever, most of the people were born in the 1880s.

photo 1 (4)

Me riding up a muddy embankment.


I’ve been working on my Panda pattern, so far so good, I can’t wait to share him with you when he’s finished:) I will post updates about him here and on my Ravelry group, Mamma4earth.

Have a lovely day x

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