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Portrait Saturday


It’s still freezing cold here in SA. This fireplace in our study has been burning for a few days now. Our water pipes are frozen solid in the mornings as well as the bird bath and even the water bowls for the chickens! This is the room where I do most of my pattern designing and pattern writing, it’s the warmest room in the house, so the boys, Sandy and all the cats are here with me. It’s been lovely spending time with the boys while the girls have been away hiking. We’ve played many games of UNO, read stories and have been having out tea together outside in the early morning sun. Tonight we are going to play Scrabble!

My test knit for the Moulin Rouge cowl is now full! Thanks so much to all the knitters who signed up. If you’d like to follow the test knit go here and do say ‘hi’.

Remember there’s going to be a Super Moon tonight, I’m going to brave the cold and try and take some photos.

My girls will be back tomorrow and Richard on Tuesday, I can’t wait to see everyone again!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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Portrait Saturday



It has been an emotionally exhausting and draining week…  I am so tired… These Aloe flowers have lifted my spirits though, aren’t they beautiful…

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your family.



Portrait Saturday

Souties Squash

This is our first vine of Souties Squash, it’s believed to be a South African heirloom and I can’t wait to try it! We planted the vines close to our outside flatlet which a has a flat roof and is perfect for these vines to ramble across. We have always grown pumpkins and squash in our veggie garden and they have quite simply taken over the whole area, stunting all the other veggies that grow beneath them. I am hoping, by planting them near a flat roofed building, that we can guide them up there and let them go wild:)

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Portrait Saturday

Early morning, still in pyjamas, Richard and Kye playing chess…

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