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In the Garden and Other News

Cucumbers and Squash

The wonderful ‘almost’ Summer weather has arrived at last, I think the frost is gone for now until next year and Kye and I have begun planting our Heirloom veggie seeds! It’s so exciting to see them grow. Above we have planted cucumbers and squash. They are almost ready to transplant into the veggie garden, I just need to order a truckload of compost first to dig into the beds.


I’ve also planted different varieties of peppers and pumpkins, can’t wait to see what they are like.

Jenna PL Award Scouts

Not the greatest photo quality, I know, but I only had my phone with me and we were sitting right at the back of the hall. Anyway, this is our Jenna receiving her PL (patrol leader) of the year award at the Sea Scouts AGM two weeks ago. We are SO proud of her!!!

Jen sailing

Here she is doing what she LOVES, sailing. She will soon be getting her own Miracle dinghy that she’ll refurbish herself for advancement at Scouts. So exciting!!

Hope you are having a lovely week.


Hennops River Hike

Suspension Bridge Hennops


Ant Hill







Lichen and Moss

Our Shadows


River Crossing




We recently hiked the Hennops River hiking trail, I was looking forward to going but had no idea what to expect. Our girls did some research and said it was the best trail they could find in our area. They are seasoned hikers because of scouting, so we put our trust in their judgement and drove out to Hennops. The area was beautiful, with organised hiking and biking trails. We decided to hike at our own pace and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I can highly recommend this wonderful trail, it has breathtaking scenery and a pulley system contraption that you sit on to cross the river. I took one look at it when we arrived and thought to myself, (oh my word, I’m not sitting on that and crossing over the river!) but I did and it was fantastic!! If you stay near Hennops, do try to visit for the day, you won’t regret it.

Hope you are having a great week so far.


Father and Son Time…

Cady and Rich Mtb Race

On Saturday, Richard and Cady did their first mountain bike race together in Nigel! They had a fantastic time and are already planning their next race in September and I hope to be joining them:)

Have a wonderful week.



My Girls… Gig Adventure 2014

gig adventure 2014 NS10

gig adventure 2014 NS8

gig adventure 2014 NS7

gig adventure 2014 NS6

gig adventure 2014 NS9

gig adventure 2014 NS4

gig adventure 2014 NS3

gig adventure 2014 NS2

gig adventure 2014 NS1

gig adventure 2014 NS

All photos taken by Jen, Erin and the crew.

Jenna and Erin have just returned home from their Scout Gig Adventure weekend. They rowed down the Vaal River for 90km, it took them 20 hours. They started just before midnight on Friday and finished last night.

They had an amazing time, we are so proud of our girls! Well done!

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