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Winkelspruit Beach Holiday

Beach Flowers



Erie and mama


Giant Snail


Jen and Erie

Jen and Erie1




We found a giant Cockroach in out flat the one day! He sent everyone screaming in different directions LOL!!


Midmar DamMidmar Dam

My Loves




Rainy Winkelspruit Beach

Rich and Caid

Rich and Kye

Rich and Kye1

Rich and Kye2


We went on a lovely family holiday to Winkelspruit at the beginning of January and had a fantastic time. I love the beach…


Heartfelt Wishes

Christmas Eve1

We’ve had such a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas day, spent with family and friends and from our home to yours, we’d like to wish you a wonderful 2015, filled with all the good things that life can bring xxxx


Some Photos


I’ve been spending so much more time in our garden lately, the rains have been wonderful and flowers are everywhere you look. Little dandelions are popping up all over the place, I love their perfection.


Charlie half asleep on the couch this morning, just look at those back legs!


Irene Dairy Farm

We popped in to visit the cows at Irene Dairy Farm.


I got some sunflowers too!

Other great news is that we heard from our girls tonight! They’ve been away since last Thursday and I’m missing them like crazy. They had signal on their hike and phoned us, I’m so happy that they called!!! Hope you are having a wonderful week so far.


Weekend Maintenance

painting scullery

Photo taken with Instagram

It’s been raining for a days now, wonderful for our garden but also great for doing some inside home maintenance. So far, we’ve managed to paint the kitchen and today we’re busy with the scullery and entrance hall. Richard’s been cleaning out the gutters too. It’s amazing what a coat of fresh paint can do to a room!

What are you busy with at home this weekend?

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