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Happy Spring to the South…

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Happy Spring to the South and Happy Fall to the North!

The flowers are blooming, trees are full of new buds, bursting with life, I am so thrilled to see Spring in all her glory. Erin went on a walk around the garden today and captured Lady Spring at her finest with these lovely photos. Hopefully we will be dancing around our ‘Maypole’ tomorrow to celebrate, Kye can’t wait…

Wishing you a wonderful week dear friends.


Happy Spring!!

Gifts from a very dear friend, I just love this metal tin featuring many garden birds and the sounds they make… Inside the tin is an assortment of mixed nuts coated with caramel, delicious…

Happy Spring to all those in the Southern Hemisphere and happy Autumn to everyone in the North:)

Today has been a glorious day, our fruit trees are bursting with a kaleidoscope of colourful blossoms. The bees are in their element, busily rushing from one flower to the next. I am going to be planting up seed trays for our summer veggies this afternoon and placing horse manure around the fruit trees.

I am so looking forward to a season of work in the garden with temperatures rising and the cold of winter thankfully being left behind. I want to grow a few new varieties of plants this year and try and ensure a constant or semi-constant supply of veggies for our table. I have really wanted to try and rely less and less on the shops for our veggies, I would love to be able to pick more than lettuce, tomatoes and pumpkins for our table. We do grow other veggies but they are not in constant supply.

I would love to hear your veggie succession planting tips if you have any to share.

Hope your day is just wonderful wherever you may be…


Our Days, Our Journey…

My mom brought these beautiful Wild Ginger blooms for me today, they are so beautiful and really tell me that Spring is well on it’s way. It’s hard to believe that we were having snow here 2 weeks ago. Today the temperature is 27 degrees C! I am so thrilled with the warmer weather!

Kye was busy drawing with his Stockmar crayons while I was cleaning in the kitchen this morning. I love these crayons, their vibrant colours and because they are made from beeswax.

Richard took this photo of me over the weekend, it was quite cold so we had a fire going and I, of course never miss an opportunity to knit near a fire…

The violets are flowering all over our garden, they are so sweet…

Today I received the most amazing gift for our garden!! A truck load of horse manure!! This is like gold for our compost bins and flowerbeds. I am so greatful, tomorrow we will move most of it into the compost heap in the veggie garden. I am going to plant a few pumpkin and watermelon seeds directly into the heap and see what happens.

These nectarine blossoms are so beautiful, I can’t wait for our fruit to start growing!

There are quite a few changes happening for my mom, she has been so brave and strong since my dad had his stroke. He is in intensive care at the moment but will soon be returning home and will need 24 hour care from carers there. He is doing so much better, moving his left side and speaking clearly, he cannot wait to go home and we can’t wait for him to be home with my mom, they are both missing one another so much! I am very greatful for all the kindness that so many of you have shown with your kind words, thoughts and prayers, we all appreciate you so much, thank you.


PS I’m having a special in my Etsy pattern shop . You can buy any 5 patterns for $15 instead of $20 while stocks last :)  xo xo


Could it be Spring Already?

The weather has changed dramatically here in Johannesburg, the sun is rising earlier and it has warmed up a few degrees. I can’t wait for Spring… I think it has already arrived though, our Almond tree is full of blossoms at the beginning of August? All our fruit trees have swelling buds, this is such an exciting time in the garden, an awakening from the deep sleep of winter…

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


My dad woke up yesterday, he has been sitting in a chair next to his hospital bed for short periods of time! I was so surprised to see him there yesterday when I went to visit. I have only seen him sleeping and briefly waking so far, this is such a huge step! He is still very tired and and exhausted but I know there is such hope. I spoke to the physiotherapist today and she said she couldn’t believe the progress he has made over the past two days. My heart is happy and full of joy.

We continue to pray for his healing and he is healing, thank you for all your continued support with prayer and healing thoughts.



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