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WIP Wednesday


This little goat is a custom knit for someone in Canada, he is off travelling across the Atlantic Ocean to his new home right now. His pattern is available in my shop, I custom knit too:)

Sadie Horse

Sadie, will be added to my shop later today, she was knitted and made by Jenna.

Sherper Hat

I have been working on my Sherpa Hat design. I knitted it in Lopi Yarn and now I am going to re-knit it in a Nurturing Fibres Aran weight yarn. I am going to knit Erin one for her birthday on Monday. Shhh don’t say a word:) This design, reflects the mountains on the sides of the hat and Sherpa tents that would be put up during long mountain expeditions, so I thought, the Sherpa Hat was a fitting name. Kye graciously agreed to model it for me.

Autumn Sky Cowl 1

Thank you so much to everyone who offered to test knit the Autumn Sky Cowl pattern, the test knit is now full and is well underway on my Ravelry group.

Our weather is really cooling down here quite a lot, soon it will be time to light fires in the early mornings and evenings. I love sitting near the fire and knitting, I’m really looking forward to that.

Reading: The Lord of the Rings.

Joining with Ginny today.

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WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along… Lavender Flowers…


I love Lavender, it’s one of my favourite flowers and has so many uses. There are many different varieties growing all over our garden. I add the essential oils to our homemade cleaners and also add a few drops to the vinegar that I add to soften our clothing in the washing machine. A few drops on a Lavender pillow will help you to fall asleep and can also soothe headaches…

The new Lavender we planted has been growing so well in our pot on our veranda, even a few tomatoes have started to sprout all on their own. I was inspired to knit up this Lavender flower yesterday and I have added the pattern to my flower ebook. I am so excited to share it with you. I have almost finished and will be sending the document off the the publishers next week. Then it should be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Apple store etc.. after just a few days.

Happy Yarn Along to you :)

Joining with Ginny’s Yarn Along

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Spinning and How Much Drama can Just One Day Hold?

I have finished my wool and tussah silk hand spun, I am very happy with it and it’s going to be a Winter scarf. I really love wearing scarves in Autumn and Winter and the fact that they are hand knitted makes me feel so happy to wear them.

It has been rather an interesting day so far, hence the title of this blog post. It actually started last night when we had no hot water to bath with. That was still fine and then this morning the geyser started to leak. It was later confirmed that it had burst in 3 places and would have to be replaced. Thank goodness we are still under warranty with the geyser company! They are going to install another one with no cost to us tomorrow. We do have another small solar geyser, so as long as we stagger the bath times we should all have hot water. Caiden has gastric flu, but seems to be feeling a little better now.

Later in the day I was taking the girls to their art lesson and our car overheated, I made it to a service station and when we tried to start the car again, the battery was flat??? The owner of the service station was so helpful and managed to charge the battery enough for me to make it back home and now we are off to buy a new battery.

Phew, it has been a day all right, but I am so grateful for all the wonderful and helpful people that have appeared throughout the day. At one point, I remember smiling to myself and thinking, maby it’s time to slow down, forget the panic and see all the goodness that surrounds me…

Thank you so much to everyone who responded to my blog post yesterday about simplifying our life, I have really enjoyed reading all your messages and I am still busy responding to each one:) You have all given me plenty to think about.

How has your day been so far?

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WIP Wednesday

I have been working on a few flower patterns, this one is for a Poppy, the pattern will be ready soon.
An E-book for these flower patterns and more is going to be happening soon:) I have signed up with bookbaby and I’m VERY excited, what a lovely publishing company!

My Circumnavigate cowl is coming along nicely. Can’t wait to wear it!!

My little Hippo is almost complete, I have been typing out all my patterns on my I-Pad, have I mentioned how much I love this little piece on technology? It has made pattern writing so much easier for me:)

What have you been working on this week?

PS There is a REALLY HUGE giveaway on my blog from the Natural Kids Team, just go here to see it!

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