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Portrait Saturday


Our Charlie has recovered well after the nasty attack from a stray cat a few weeks ago. His stitches have healed and his fur has almost all grown back. Isn’t this just the height of comfort? I love the way he stretches himself out and lies in the most uncomfortable looking positions,  he does tend to sleep in the strangest places ie across the tops of books on a bookcase etc… He is terribly sweet:)

The house is very quiet this weekend, our 3 older children are attending a pirate Sea Scout camp, they will be coming home tomorrow. Kye is here with us, it’s strange not having everyone at home, this mama is looking forward to their return. They are growing up so fast, teenagers, finding their independence. It’s a new chapter as a mother, I feel I want to keep them close but know I have to let go little by little and allow them to find their way, gently guiding them from the sidelines.

Our chicken coop needs mending, we have a smaller coop for the younger girls and the heavy rains have damaged it. We have tried to get our new chickens to join the older girls in the large wooden coop but the older chickens really hurt them, I know they are supposed to eventually co-exist after some henpecking but they have never managed to get it right. They are happy enough to all be out together but as soon as they are put inside the enclosure the fighting starts and the younger ones get hurt. We keep them separate now in the evenings and they are only out together in the day, this seems to work. It’s a bit hectic having two coops though and I really hope we can have them living together soon.

Have a lovely weekend…

PS I just wanted to let you know, that if you want to print out patterns from my blog to knit them up, there is a really nice gadget at the end of each post. It’s there with all the social media icons and looks like a green leaf. If you click on that it will only print what you choose to print instead of the whole post with photos etc… :)


Chicken Love

Our garden is almost back to normal, we have emptied so many bags of leaves onto the compost heap since the storm. I went down to our little orchard to check on the fruit and it looks like every piece has been hit by hail, the only survivors are the raspberries and of course our veggies as they were under cover, thank goodness! Even though our garden has been shredded by this storm, we have so much to be grateful for.

Our sweet feathered girls greeted us when we returned home from grocery shopping this morning, aren’t they just the sweetest?

Have a wonderful weekend:)


Knitting, Chickens and Green…

I have really been enjoying knitting on my Color Affection shawl, it’s almost finished and so exceptionally soft! I wasn’t sure about knitting with brushed kid mohair but I’m very happy I did. The feel is comforting and cozy, exactly what I want in a shawl. The size is also wonderful, I knitted the larger shawl because I wanted it to really wrap around me for when I go on walks and then I can just unwrap it as I need to. I am busy with the solid edge at the moment and have about half an inch to go and then it will be finished!

These photos above are of the view from my bedroom windows, I have three large bedroom windows looking out onto our back garden. The first photo is of a sparrow nest, this nest is about 2.5 metres away from my window, I am so excited Mr and Mrs Sparrow decided that this was the right spot to raise a family. We will be able to witness their journey, how precious!

The green photos (I LOVE green) have been taken from the two other windows… I love all the green variegation on the leaves of the ivy and lawn with just a tiny sliver of brown sand…

Our chickens…

Each morning our sweet girls make their way to this spot at the front door and call raucously until we appear and give them a few snacks. They are very inquisitive, forever trying to climb through open windows and see what the humans are up to:)

Erin’s chicken, Bubby having a nap in my planter…

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