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It’s that time of year again, our beautiful 18 year old orchid is flowering. I was given this orchid by my mother-in-law 18 years ago on Jenna’s birth day. It is the most gorgeous plant and always has abundant blooms for about 3 months of the year. It’s actually quite amazing because orchids usually need special care, not this one. It stands in a large pot on our front stoep year after year, all we do really is water it once in a while and that’s it!

PS I’m not quite sure where my Creative Friday post from yesterday has gone to but it’s simply disappeared and cannot be found…hmmmm…

Have a lovely Mothers Day tomorrow!


In the Garden


Our garden is just bursting with all things growing at the moment, this little gem squash is almost ready.


Our Granadilla vine is heavily laden with fruit, it’s the best year so far, usually we have one or two fruits on the vine, this year there are about 10!


Cute little red peppers… love the shape


The grapes are also ready, they’re sweet and the birds love them too!


Butternuts are growing up the fences in our veg garden.


Our pretty Hibiscus is seldom without flowers.

Happy Monday!


In the Garden and Other News

Cucumbers and Squash

The wonderful ‘almost’ Summer weather has arrived at last, I think the frost is gone for now until next year and Kye and I have begun planting our Heirloom veggie seeds! It’s so exciting to see them grow. Above we have planted cucumbers and squash. They are almost ready to transplant into the veggie garden, I just need to order a truckload of compost first to dig into the beds.


I’ve also planted different varieties of peppers and pumpkins, can’t wait to see what they are like.

Jenna PL Award Scouts

Not the greatest photo quality, I know, but I only had my phone with me and we were sitting right at the back of the hall. Anyway, this is our Jenna receiving her PL (patrol leader) of the year award at the Sea Scouts AGM two weeks ago. We are SO proud of her!!!

Jen sailing

Here she is doing what she LOVES, sailing. She will soon be getting her own Miracle dinghy that she’ll refurbish herself for advancement at Scouts. So exciting!!

Hope you are having a lovely week.

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