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Saturday Morning

Feeding the Birds

Charlie1  Feeding the Birds1

I’ve been feeding the birds more regularly now that it’s Winter, as soon as I go outside with  seed and fruit, they appear out of nowhere and wait patiently for me to finish filling the feeders. As soon as I leave they descend and the feasting begins!


Both of these plants, an Avo on the right and a Lemon in the black pot self-seeded and are growing well! I love it when nature does this, takes things into her own hands and creates something wonderful! We tend to throw avo pips out of our kitchen window as we cut them open, and amazingly enough, they just start growing!



Our borehole is supplying us with copious amounts of water, we haven’t had rain since April so this underground water is such a blessing.


Our Sandy is always hoping that someone will walk by and throw her ball. She brings it to us, drops it on the ground, picks it up again as if to say, “Come on, just one more time, please!”


Charlie, resting against a pumpkin amongst the Rosemary bush in the kitchen windowbox. He will eventually saunter back into our house, smelling of wonderful oils…


Here is the result of the baking from the other day, the Banting rusks, they are lovely and SO filling!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!













We had a lovely weekend, hockey on Saturday and a braai with good old friends on Sat evening. We sat outside by a bonfire and enjoyed the cool Autumn air. On Sunday morning Richard had quite a bad fall while riding his mountain bike. We spent the afternoon in the ER, his knee was extremely swollen. He’s ok but very sore and has a stage race next week that he’s been training for for 6 months. I really hope he recovers in time for Sani.

Caiden and Kye have been raking leaves there are so many, as soon as the wind blows even slightly, a river of leaves slowly trickle down to the ground. Leaf piles are such fun to play in! My mom has been clearing out her old house and gave me this cat to put in the garden, Delilah spotted it and wasn’t too sure if it was real or not, it was so cute to watch.

Most of our indigenous plants are flowering at the moment, the bees and butterflies are everywhere in our garden again. Autumn is my favourite season of all…

Have a lovely week.


Early Thursday Morning



















Today, the 1st of May is Workers’ Day in South Africa, a public holiday. Richard went for an early MTB ride this morning, I got up a little later, I have the flu, so a good sleep is just what I needed. I’ve been taking those oil of Origanum capsules and they seem to be working (thanks Rachel for the suggestion). Our three older children are helping with a community service project. Their friend is becoming a Springbok Scout (same as an Eagle Scout) and is building a swing bench for The Apricot Tree School. This is a 40 hour project and the bench is looking amazing so far!

While the kids were away building we took Kye out for lunch and went grocery shopping, I feel like I live at the shop, I really need to plan better and so that we can go for longer periods without shopping. I’ve also been working on two new projects for a very large pig and a rabbit:)

I love walking around our garden early in the morning, feeding our chickens and rabbits and listening to all the birds starting their day.

Happy Thursday!


Birthdays, Knitting and Veggies

Erin 15a

Jen and Erin


Kye discovered a huge carrot in the veg garden!

Marin 23

Marin’s pattern will be released soon

We’ve had a wonderful weekend, our Easter was lovely consisting of a traditional early morning Easter egg hunt in the front garden. Richard always gets up really early and hides the eggs for everyone. Kye loves the egg hunt and even though the girls are getting older, I think they still enjoy it too, my oldest babies are both growing up too quickly… Later we saw family who were visiting from Zim, it was so nice to connect again after quite a few months.

Yesterday was Erin’s 15th birthday! We played Adventure Golf in the morning, went out for lunch and saw family and friends in the afternoon. She had a fantastic day!

Kye has been growing carrots and I seriously cannot believe the size of that carrot he’s holding! Wow!

I want to say a big Thanks You to Anne who has gone over my Marin Spring Horse pattern for me to see if everything is in order. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me Anne. There will be a small test knit starting soon as well. I will ‘earburn’ a few of the lovely test knitters from previous test knits as soon as the pattern is ready (for all those not on Ravelry, ‘earburn’ just means to ‘message someone directly’. Earburn does sound rather awful doesn’t it? :) )

Linking with Ginny today.

Happy Wednesday!

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