A Wonderful Book

I have just discovered this lovely book called, ‘In the Light of the Child’ by Michael Hedley Burton. This book follows all the weeks of the year and for each week, there is a verse pertaining to that week. There are verses for the weeks of Easter, Christmas etc… and the really wonderful part of this book is that it is for the Northern AND Southern Hemisphere, Yay, at last something for the Southern Hemisphere. You can buy it from Bob and Nancy Booksellers, Amazon and locally from Loot, I have added it to my Loot books on the left side of the page for those in South Africa.

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One Response to A Wonderful Book

  1. Lovey December 19, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

    We love this book too! Ours is so well loved that it is hanging on for dear life between pieces of tape. lol I think it also nearly drowned once so it is quite ripply. It’s a sight to see, but we come back for more.

    That was smart of the author to do both N and S hemispheres.


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