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Autumn Equinox


We can already see the shortening of days with the sun rising later and setting earlier. I’ve really enjoyed riding my bike with Richard in the early evenings most of our Summer but soon those days will come to an end until Spring here in the south… We still have a few weeks left, hopefully and then I’ll possibly start riding during the mornings if I have a chance…

Jen and Erin’s exams are almost over, just one more to go, Life Science on Monday and then the term is finished until after the first week of April. I managed to fit a little knitting into today while Erin had her tennis lesson this afternoon. Tomorrow is a public holiday here in South Africa so I’ll get to spend the day with my Richard. Shame, he seems to have developed shin-splints and is lying down with a pack of frozen veggies on his leg at the moment. The kids have organised to go out with their friends, our children are all growing up so quickly, Jen will be 17 in a few months! I often hear how fleeting these early childhood years are from many friends whose children are grown so I consciously try to appreciate all the precious moments I have with my loves.

We’ll probably celebrate the Autumn Equinox on Saturday with friends and have a braai. What will you do to celebrate the equinox?


Autumn Equinox

Autumn Leaves

Leaves are turning brown and giving us the most spectacular show of colour. Welcome Autumn…

Autumn Jen Knitting

Jen is busy knitting herself a hat for winter, it’s the Earflap Hat by The Sitting Tree.

Autumn Biscuits

I baked peanut butter biscuits. I love having a biscuit or two with my tea, don’t you?

Autumn Veggie Beds

The veggie beds have been dug over and compost has been added. I’m hoping to mend a few of the sides of these raised wooden veggie beds this weekend.

Happy Equinox to all in the north and the south!

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