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Natural Suburbia Christmas Ornament Swap 2012

Right, the girls have been taken to rehearsals for their town play and I have finished preparing  a roast chicken for lunch, it’s in the oven, such an amazing recipe and smells amazing! I just Googled Jamie Oliver Roast Chicken and there it was! Anyway now I can sit down and tell you all about the Christmas Ornamnet Swap:)

I love the season of Christmas and can you believe that it’s just around the corner? I am sure many of you have already started your handmade Christmas gifts for family and friends. I want to try and make each family member at least one handmade gift, but we will see…

Last years swap was so much fun so I am very keen have another one now in 2012.

If you would like to sign up for the swap here are a few guidelines:

-this is an international swap open to everyone.

-the theme for the swap is Christmas ornaments, you can use any craft technique as long as it has a Christmas ornament theme.

-If you would like to add a few extra items to your parcel this is totally up to you.

-please feel free to email your swap partner and get to know them if you wish.


How to Join:

If you would like to take part in this swap, this is what you need to do:

Leave a comment in this post and please email your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address (please include your email, otherwise I have to go and search for it:)
  • Blog link if you have one

to my email address, lindadawkins@mweb.co.za and I will pair you with a swap partner.

This is an international swap so wherever you are, you can join:)

Please feel free to add this photo to your sidebar of your blog with this page link.

Very Important:

Please, if you decide that you no longer want to take part, just send me an email so that I can pair your partner with someone else.

Swap Angels:

If you would like to offer to be a swap angel (someone who will send out one extra swap item to anyone who has not received their swap for whatever reason) just add that to your email you send to me.

I have created a Natural Suburbia Flickr group for the swap, here you can upload photos of your swap items. To join the group, please send a request here.

The closing date for signing up for this swap will be the 15th of October.

Your swap parcels will need to be sent out by the 28th of October if you partner is overseas, if your partner is local then your swap can be sent out by the 15th of November.

I am so looking forward to this lovely swap.



Creative Friday

Christmas Sweater Ornament Pattern

Welcome to Creative Friday

Thank you so much to everyone who shares the love and their beautiful links:) Please feel free to post your links to anything you have created and would like to share, it can be a recipe, sewing tutorial, knitting tutorial, felting, crochet, crafts, art, spinning, weaving, working with fibre, photography, poetry…etc…

I also love to hear from you, so if you have a moment, please leave a comment:) Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us! Just add the name of your blog to the widget and then add your blog link with the http:// at the beginning of your link address:) I have added a Creative Friday button on the sidebar of my blog, please feel free to add it to your blog for Creative Friday and link it to http://www.naturalsuburbia.com/ so others can find this space and share their creativity too:)

1. I have started a Creative Friday Flickr Group where you can post your beautiful photos that you link to each Creative Friday. To join the group, please go here.

2. If you would be so kind as to link back to Natural Suburbia in your blog post that would be lovely:)

Have a wonderful day,



Knitted Santa Hat Christmas Ornament Pattern

This morning Erin said she would like to knit a Christmas ornament for our tree, we are going to add as many handmade ornamnets as we possibly can to our tree this year and we are in the process of making them now. She sat down with her pencil and paper and we set about designing a pattern. We worked out a design,  the decreasing rows and stitches and then and discussed how we would finish it off! What a proud moment for mama that Erie wants to write patterns! Erin asked if I would share our pattern with you, so of course I have and here it is:)

Red and white yarn
Wool needle for sewing up
Ribbon for making your hanging ornament
Fleece for the end of your hat

This pattern is knitted flat with handspun yarn and size 4mm needles.
Cast on 20 stitches in white yarn and knit 4 rows in garter stitch.
Row 5: Change to your red yarn and knit.

Row 6: Purl
Row 7: Knit 5, knit 2 tog, knit 5, knit 2 together, knit 6. (18 stitches)
Row 8 to 11: Knit in stocking stitch (starting with a purl row)
Row 12: Purl 4, purl 2 together, purl 4 purl 2 together, purl 4, purl 2 together. (15 stitches)
Row 13 to 16: Knit in stocking stitch.
Row 17: Knit 3, knit 2 together, knit 3 knit 2 together, knit 3, knit 2 together. ( 12 stitches)
Row 18 to 21: Knit 4 rows in stocking stitch
Row 22: Purl 2, purl 2 together, purl 2, purl 2 togther, purl 2, purl 2 together. (9 stitches)
Row 23 to 26: Knit 4 rows in stocking stitches.
Row 27: Knit 1, knit 2 together, knit 1, knit 2 together, knit 1 knit 2 together.  (6 stitches)
Row 28 to 31: Knit 4 rows in stocking stitch.
Row 32: Purl 2 together, purl 2 together, purl 2 together. (3 stitches)
Row 33: Knit 1, knit 2 together.
Row 34: Purl 2 together.
Bind off.

Finishing off:
Sew up on wrong side.
Turn onto the right side and attach your ribbon.
Sew on a little tuft of fleece on the end of you hat, bend the top of your hat over and attach to the side of your hat and you are done!
Linda and Erin

Please note, this pattern is for personal use only, and not for resale, items knitted from this pattern may not be sold for commercial purposes, thank you.

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