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Creative Friday











The weather is so warm here now, it feels more like Summer than Spring! Thought I would share some photos of our ‘girls’ sand bathing in the heat of the day…

Welcome to Creative Friday,

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Chickens and a Treehouse





Rhuse Tree Wood








I still really enjoy spending time watching our chickens, they have managed to dig out a large crater in our flower bed right outside our front door. It’s their favourite sand-bathing spot, even Delilah, our cat, loves rolling around in it but it’s usually occupied  by three or four chickens at a time, so she doesn’t really get a chance! They are so very entertaining, the way they contort their feathery bodies, while sand-bathing. The chicken in the top photo is called Brenda, she is the matriarch and the loudest by far! She is particularly fond of the sand-bathing depression in the soil and chases any other chickens that may be occupying it, if she feels inclined to have a bath.

Caiden has been wanting to work on his tree-house with Richard, so they went in search of pallets and found a wonderful company, just down the road that sells them. They returned home with pallets and some wood to repair one of my raised veggie boxes! I am so grateful for that because the boxes are in quite a state. They have been working on their tree-house for the past two weekends and have built a really beautiful house in our Yellow Stinkwwod tree in the front garden. It has been very special father and son time spent together. I climbed up there for a short while yesterday and I must say there is something wonderful about being up in a tree-house! Caiden is very proud of his work and spends a lot of his time up there.

Tomorrow is the start of our second school term and I’m looking forward to it. Jenna held her own First Class scout camp this weekend, she had an amazing time. She had to plan the entire camp herself, apply for a permit for the venue, prepare costings and shop for food to feed ten people for two days and a night. Her planned activities were teaching the group knot tying, CPR and a wide game (a game that is played by all the scouts attending the camp that takes up the entire area where they are camping, in this instance a large field by a lake). She had to cook a stew over a fire and make bread. The rice for the stew was cooked in a hay box! I can’t wait to try this myself! Jen had a very successful camp and an amazing weekend! We are very proud of her for everything she has achieved.

Canopy Silk from Gypsy Forest

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Portrait Saturday


Our Charlie has recovered well after the nasty attack from a stray cat a few weeks ago. His stitches have healed and his fur has almost all grown back. Isn’t this just the height of comfort? I love the way he stretches himself out and lies in the most uncomfortable looking positions,  he does tend to sleep in the strangest places ie across the tops of books on a bookcase etc… He is terribly sweet:)

The house is very quiet this weekend, our 3 older children are attending a pirate Sea Scout camp, they will be coming home tomorrow. Kye is here with us, it’s strange not having everyone at home, this mama is looking forward to their return. They are growing up so fast, teenagers, finding their independence. It’s a new chapter as a mother, I feel I want to keep them close but know I have to let go little by little and allow them to find their way, gently guiding them from the sidelines.

Our chicken coop needs mending, we have a smaller coop for the younger girls and the heavy rains have damaged it. We have tried to get our new chickens to join the older girls in the large wooden coop but the older chickens really hurt them, I know they are supposed to eventually co-exist after some henpecking but they have never managed to get it right. They are happy enough to all be out together but as soon as they are put inside the enclosure the fighting starts and the younger ones get hurt. We keep them separate now in the evenings and they are only out together in the day, this seems to work. It’s a bit hectic having two coops though and I really hope we can have them living together soon.

Have a lovely weekend…

PS I just wanted to let you know, that if you want to print out patterns from my blog to knit them up, there is a really nice gadget at the end of each post. It’s there with all the social media icons and looks like a green leaf. If you click on that it will only print what you choose to print instead of the whole post with photos etc… 🙂

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