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We have been having a wonderful weekend. Sandy has settled in well and LOVES water as you can see. She runs in the sprinklers and becomes totally drenched.
And then when she is finished playing, she passes out and has a nap…
We are enjoying all the varied bird life in the garden at the moment.

Asparagus for dinner? Yip from our very own garden:) I love that we can just go outside the kitchen door and pick our food:) Makes me happy…

We divided and replanted all of our Irises, (about 500 + plants) two years ago and this year they are giving us a beautiful show… It is almost time to divide again.

Our Oak tree is green!
The Wisteria is magnificent down the side wall of our home…

My Aestlight Shawl is almost finished, I am just busy with the lacy edge.

I can’t wait to knit another shawl:) Any suggestions?
Happy Sunday

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