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Saturday in the Garden

It has been a wonderful week filled with thunder storms and rain. Our garden is so green! Green is my favourite colour at the moment, it seems to be everywhere. I loved seeing the raindrops on these leaves, this is the area in our garden where the rabbits live. It has a little stream with a small bridge crossing over it, to the left of this space is a very old prune tree that’s covered with ripening prune fruit.

Our asparagus is finally pushing through the soil, it’s so delicious…

The raspberries have started flowering along the veggie garden fence, I am hoping for a bumper crop this season. My mom-in-law has the most amazing raspberry fruit each year, she said her secret was putting plenty of horse manure into the holes before she planted each plant. I am going to add manure around the plants and water it in well and just see what happens.

The peaches and nectarines are looking lovely. The plastic bags I tied onto the trees to keep the birds at bay have really worked, the birds have eaten some of the fruit but have avoided the spots where the bags have been blowing around, so we are sharing, some fruit for the birds and some for us:)

Plenty of ladybugs everywhere…

Our figs seem to fruit each year but I have never tasted a ripe fig, the fig wasps seem to sting them and send them into a state of rot. Any suggestions on how to care for figs, I would really love to taste a ripe fig from one of our trees. My mom has always told me about the huge fig tree that grew in her garden while she was growing up, how delicious the figs used to taste, especially when they had been chilled in the fridge. I would like to experience that too, any suggestions??


This season of spring is just beautiful…

Have a lovely weekend.


Happy Spring!!

Gifts from a very dear friend, I just love this metal tin featuring many garden birds and the sounds they make… Inside the tin is an assortment of mixed nuts coated with caramel, delicious…

Happy Spring to all those in the Southern Hemisphere and happy Autumn to everyone in the North:)

Today has been a glorious day, our fruit trees are bursting with a kaleidoscope of colourful blossoms. The bees are in their element, busily rushing from one flower to the next. I am going to be planting up seed trays for our summer veggies this afternoon and placing horse manure around the fruit trees.

I am so looking forward to a season of work in the garden with temperatures rising and the cold of winter thankfully being left behind. I want to grow a few new varieties of plants this year and try and ensure a constant or semi-constant supply of veggies for our table. I have really wanted to try and rely less and less on the shops for our veggies, I would love to be able to pick more than lettuce, tomatoes and pumpkins for our table. We do grow other veggies but they are not in constant supply.

I would love to hear your veggie succession planting tips if you have any to share.

Hope your day is just wonderful wherever you may be…

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