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I-Cord Knitting Tutorial

Today Erin wanted to make something colourful, so she decided on a colourful snail:) I thought the easiest way for her to knit a snail would be to knit the shell and body of the snail with i-cords. I-cords are really easy and amazing if you want to knit a narrow circular tube. Tomorrow I will blog our knitted Spring snail pattern for everyone, but today I am going to share with you, how to knit an i-cord so that you will be able to knit up the little snail tomorrow with ease:)
Here we go, you will need two double pionted needles and some yarn…

Once you have knitted the stitches, they will be on the left side of the right needle.

Slide your stitches to the right side of the needle.
Knit your stitches again and then slide them to the right side of the needle.
When you have knitted it to the required length, just cast off.
Tomorrow I will blog a colourful Spring snail pattern, knitted with I-cords, it is going to be an easy pattern and will look so sweet on your nature table or in your gift basket on Easter morning:)

These beautiful flowers were gifted to me yesterday by my friend Heidi:) Thank you so much…

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone…

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