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Mamma4earth Pegasus Unicorn Pattern Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone!
I am having a giveaway to celebrate a new pattern that I have just added to my Mamma4earth Etsy shop. It is for the Pegasus Unicorn Pattern. The pattern is 14 pages long and comes complete with the unicorn pattern and wings and horn patterns. There are plenty of photos to show you how to make the tail and add the mane etc… I have included two sets of instructions for the horn, one is knitted in the round and the other is knitted flat just in case knitting flat is how you prefer to knit:) The body of the unicorn is also knitted flat on two 4mm straight needles and I have used handspun, but DK yarn would be perfect too.

Here are some photos of Unicorns, Pegasus and Pegasus Unicorns that I have knitted over the last few years…

 CUSTOM ORDER FOR NICOLE Pegasus Unicorn Horse, Merino Yarn
I would like to offer 2  readers the opportunity to win a pattern for my Pegasus Unicorn that will be emailed to their email addresses. If you would like to enter, just leave a comment and email address. The winners will be chosen on Wednesday evening and will be announced here in this blog post:)
Thank you so much for visiting and have an inspired day.

Joy said…
What beautiful unicorns! I’d love a pattern to make one of those. 🙂

Glenaeon Class 3,2010 said…
They are so gorgeous Linda, your amazing, love the saddle. So inspiring as usual;.
We are on the move, packing boxes everywhere moving tomorrow to Canberra – nation’s capital. There the 4 seasons are prominent and you get to really enjoy your knitting because you neeed jumpers etc.
Love to you and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing

Congratulations to both of you:)
Joy I have your contact details but not Glenaeon, if you could send me you email address that would be lovely:)


WIP Wednesday, Knitted Horse Pattern

This is my WIP at the moment, I have been working on a design for a knitted horse / unicorn / pegasus pattern… I have been trying to get the proportions just right and make his neck curve elegantly over to compliment his hindquarters. Tomorrow I will add the mane and tail and then he will be finished. I have knitted him partly in the round here, but the pattern will be a flat knit with two needles. The pattern will also have instructions for a unicorn horn and eventually I will add wings as well for a pegasus. I should be listing this pattern in my shop tomorrow as soon as he is finished…

Happy Wednesday 🙂 xo

Garden Images and Unicorns…

We were out in the garden early this morning, the dew was still fresh on the grass, nature bursting forth with all her glory…

Cady very proudly holding his new wooden sword for Michaelmas….

Jenna’s charcoal drawing for her Physics block, showing how form is created by using light and shadow…

My custom order for Talia… knitted in the most exceptionally soft Mohair…

My custom order for Angela… knitted in Rainbow Merino…
I am so happy to be creating these mystical creatures…
Happy day to you….
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