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Weekend Crochet

I have been working on my crochet again this weekend and I really love this hexagon pattern that is avaliable over at Attic 24, there are some lovely crochet tutorials there. I am just crocheting the circles for now and will finish the hexagon shape when I join the pieces together which means there will be no sewing up, I will just join them as I crochet which is wonderful! I am also working all my ends in at the back so there are no ends to sew up either. I think this pattern will make up an nice cushion cover for a cushion on my rocking chair.

The girls and I are making an African Flower hexagon blanket together, these are a few of our hexagons. It is really great to be working on a project together.

I now have a chunky knitting machine! I love it, I am going to be using it for knitting up pure wool blankets. I have so much superwash handspun and I am going to use it to make winter blankets for everyone in our family. After I cast off I am going to crochet around the sides to stop curling as the blanket is knitted in a stocking stitch. Most knitting machines take thin, even yarn, but this one knits up with handspun and chunky as well! I am very excited:)
I had better be off, it’s Earth Hour here in South Africa the next couple of hours.
Happy weekend:)

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