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Hello from a cold South Africa

Hello from a very cold South Africa 🙂

The temperature has plummeted over the past week but our lovely indigenous Aloes are flowering and attracting may birds and insects to our garden. I love them, they are gorgeous plants!

A boy and his dog… K loves Bailey to bits! She is such a sweet girl and has given our other Lab Sandy a boost of longevity. They play for hours and then have long naps together only to resume playing again.

Our beautiful Orchid is flowering again, this plant was given to me as a gift the day Jen was born almost 20 years ago. It flowers profusely year after year and gives us such joy! When it was given to me it was a single bloom with a few leaves at the base but now it has expanded and takes up an entire container.

I am busy with a new pattern for someone, I’m enjoying the design process tremendously and love seeing the development take shape.

We have had to start lighting fires again, it’s so cozy and warm. We’ve collected plenty of wood from our garden during our pruning season, so that worked out very well and is sustainable too.

Oh and this is Bailey attempting to steal my knitting every opportunity she gets. I love her x


Arctic Ice Cowl, Yarn Along

Arctic Ice Cowl2

Arctic Ice3

Arctic Ice Cowl4


This week, I have been working on a new cowl design, it’s called Arctic Ice. It has been knitting up quite quickly and then, to my utter dismay, I noticed I had knitted 4 instead of 3 plain rounds in one of the sections so I had to pull back… This yarn has a small amount of mohair in it, when I say small, I mean, well, when one tries to pull back mohair it kind of mats together and takes years off your life in the process because you can’t really see where you are and then you could have possibly lost stitches etc…I still love it tremendously, it’s so gorgeously soft and wonderful to wear and I want more of it!

I removed my circular needles and had 200 live stitches just lying there staring at me. Of course I wanted this situation sorted out as quickly as possible, (my nerves). I pulled back really carefully, the mohair wasn’t too accommodating at first and then it relented and allowed me to pull back to the exact spot I needed to, much to my relief! I am now knitting the final few rounds and when it’s finished there will be a test knit on my Ravelry group. I love test knits, they are so much fun!

Happy Wednesday, joining with Ginny🙂

PS I’m having a 10% discount on the patterns in my Etsy shop, just add discount code WILD1 in the checkout:)


Look What Arrived Today!

Manos del Uruguay

I loved receiving this parcel! The front gate bell rang, in drove the courier and handed me a box, I opened it and oh my goodness, the joy!!! It was so beautifully wrapped and I just can’t help lifting the lid to look at it each time I walk into the study. The box is on the table, where I think it will stay for a few days and then, I will knit! Ahhh, this Manos del Uruguay yarn is JUST divine, I bought it from here.


World Rhino Day 2012

Thulani the Rhino Pattern


Today is World Rhino Day, a very important day for us to remember how wonderful these creatures are and the dangers they face with each new day. I thought I would update you on how Thulani’s pattern has been doing. I designed and knitted this Rhino pattern to help raise awareness and funds for the Stop Rhino Poaching organisation. You can read more about it here.

From Thulani’s pattern sales, I will be donating $ 53.00 / R 440.00 to this organisation today. Every little bit helps and I am so grateful that through these sales I will be able to assist these creatures in a small way. Thank you so much to everyone who has bought this pattern specifically with the purpose that part of their payment will be sent to help these lovely animals.

Thulani’s pattern can be purchased from my Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy stores.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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