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I’ve had the most wonderful birthday today! My family is my greatest blessing!

Above are photos of our beautiful Wisteria creeper in bloom all along the side of our house and up and around our telephone pole. Spring is just breathtaking, don’t you think?

Have a marvellous day xx


Birthdays, Knitting and Veggies

Erin 15a

Jen and Erin


Kye discovered a huge carrot in the veg garden!

Marin 23

Marin’s pattern will be released soon

We’ve had a wonderful weekend, our Easter was lovely consisting of a traditional early morning Easter egg hunt in the front garden. Richard always gets up really early and hides the eggs for everyone. Kye loves the egg hunt and even though the girls are getting older, I think they still enjoy it too, my oldest babies are both growing up too quickly… Later we saw family who were visiting from Zim, it was so nice to connect again after quite a few months.

Yesterday was Erin’s 15th birthday! We played Adventure Golf in the morning, went out for lunch and saw family and friends in the afternoon. She had a fantastic day!

Kye has been growing carrots and I seriously cannot believe the size of that carrot he’s holding! Wow!

I want to say a big Thanks You to Anne who has gone over my Marin Spring Horse pattern for me to see if everything is in order. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me Anne. There will be a small test knit starting soon as well. I will ‘earburn’ a few of the lovely test knitters from previous test knits as soon as the pattern is ready (for all those not on Ravelry, ‘earburn’ just means to ‘message someone directly’. Earburn does sound rather awful doesn’t it? 🙂 )

Linking with Ginny today.

Happy Wednesday!






Jenna, Erin and Shannon iced the cake, I love that we bake the birthday cake together on the morning of each birthday, it has become a family tradition…



A beautiful Orchid gifted to my mom by my mother-in-law.

It’s been a busy but lovely weekend for us, yesterday was my dear mom’s 80th birthday. We took her out to breakfast to the beautiful Shades of Green restaurant amongst the trees. Today is Cady’s 12th birthday, he was awake bright and early at 6:30 this morning. He’s been counting down each day on his birthday calendar and the day is finally here! I needn’t tell you the amount of excitement that’s been emanating through our house today, I’m sure you know…

I can’t believe this wonderful boy of ours is 12 years old today… time seems to be flying by… I’m making sure I stop to breathe often along this journey of ours and take in as many of these special moments as I possibly can and hope desperately that I don’t miss anything…

Happy Sunday to you friends.


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