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WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

This week has been a week for finishing projects.
I finally finished off my Shalom Cardigan!!! I am so thrilled with it, I made it slightly bigger than the pattern, I added an extra row on the yoke and then I thought it was going to be huge, so I left it sitting in a basket for months… finally I picked it up again, finished the sleeves and blocked it. When I tried it on, it had such a comfy fit and I am ecstatic about it!! Really!

I also finished Kye’s Boy Hat, I really love this quick and easy pattern and Kye is so excited about his mama knitted hat.

And you won’t believe it… but I finished The Harris Shrug, a lovely chevron pattern.

My two girls have been knitting scarves and hats over the past two weeks, oh my!
This neck warmer is so cute, Jen knitted it as a fun project, it’s called Incognito and has a moustache embroidered on to the knitting.

Have I told you how happy I am that they love to knit?
Yesterday, Erin, “Mom?”,
me, “Yes?”
Erin, “I love to knit mom!”
me, happy dance!!!

Erin and Jen both knitted this Capucine hat, I think I am going to knit myself one too!

Erin finished this Ear Flap Hat yesterday in chunky cotton and a thinner Merino double knitting.

I am about to dye wool for my Tea Leaves Cardigan, anyone fancy a Tea Leaves KAL? Let me know:)

I am still reading Farm Anatomy and enjoying it.

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WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

Yesterday a friend and I went off to Colourspun Yarns to buy some yarn, oh my, the colours were so beautiful, it was hard to choose. I chose all Aran weight yarns for hat knitting for my children because it’s cooling down here quite considerably these days.

I have started knitting a hat for Caiden, he is so excited that I’m knitting his hat first, the pattern is called The Boy Hat Pattern, a free pattern on Ravelry. I also bought quite a few skeins of undyed yarn to dye up and knit The Tea Leaves Cardigan, such a beautiful cardi.

Almost finished the Harris shrug, just the rib to go.

I am reading the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and Farm Anatomy, I am enjoying both of these books tremendously!

I am so very grateful for this day, yesterday, while returning from our wool excursion, our car was almost hit by a speeding truck, he was travelling extremely fast and almost hit us, he missed us by seconds, it was awful, horrid and left me with a migraine for the rest of the day and night. Today I feel better, this experience has helped me to remember and realise just how precious life and each day is…

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WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

Oh happy day! I managed to finish my Journey Slouch Hat! I remembered when I was spinning this roving that there was a small ball that had been spun up previously. I went searching for this yarn, scratching through the wool cupboard and I found it! So the hat is finished, Jen was so kind to wear it for the photos. I love the softness of this yarn, a flax, silk and Merino blend. I wasn’t too sure about the colour, but I fell in love with it when I first saw it as a roving, (you know what I mean, you see some yarn, have no idea what you’re going to do with it, it makes your heart so happy to just look at it and you simply must have it).

I am also busy designing another creature, when I saw this variegated blue I just knew it was the right colour for the project:)
Hope you are having an inspired day.

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Hat Knitting

I am still busy with my, stranded knitting hat from Solsilke, I have made quite a lot of progress and I’m enjoying this tremendously. Each round has been two stranded knitting and then last night I began on a three stranded row. I thought all was going well and then at the end of this particular row, I was a stitch short:( When I checked back, I had knitted four instead of three stitches right at the beginning of the row which put the entire pattern out just slightly. Now I am in the process of unpicking this row and, well, the stitches are really tiny, so wish me luck:)
I love the colours so much and I am thrilled I gave, stranded knitting a try.
This hat design is called, The Blue Light Hat and Scarf Pattern. A few people asked me last week to link to the pattern, it is on the Solsilke Bohus page on the link above. You can write to them under ‘contact’ and they will send you a price list:)
This morning my hubby and I went out for a quick breakfast date, how lovely it was to spend some time with Richard…

Reading: A kindle book by Kristen D Randle called The Gardener and really enjoying it, she is a wonderful writer.

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