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A Busy Kind of Sunday

This morning started off early with two of our beloved chickens looking really ill, we separated them from the rest of the flock and gave them both water and medication. They were unable to stand, since this morning we have discovered that they were both egg-bound. They are new layers and their first eggs must have given them difficulty to lay. The first chicken, Myrtle, is still not looking too good, but she has managed to lay her egg. She is very stressed and not looking good at all, but I am hoping she will make it… The second chicken has also managed to lay her egg and she is up and about, running around like there is no tomorrow… So we will wait and hope for the best for Myrtle and continue to give her water and love as often as she needs it… 

Our Snowdrops are starting to flower, such a beautiful and delicate little plant, I love them, here is a snowdrop pattern to knit:)

I have the best mother-in-law, she is so kind. I have been searching for this mushroom growing kit everywhere and she happened to find one! She popped by today and gifted me with it! I love it and I am so grateful indeed. If you would like to have a look at this lovely mushroom growing web site with the ‘how to’ on growing mushrooms and delicious recipes, visit Mushroom Factory for more information.

Our very stressed girl…

I must share this with you! I have made my own laundry liquid and it is wonderful!! I found the recipe over on Rhonda’s beautiful blog, Down-To-Earth. I thought I would give it a try and it’s amazing, it works, I have left out the borax though but added the rest of the ingredients. My mom was a little sceptical to try some, but she did and now she is going to help me make the next batch:) It really is economical and the recipe makes up 20 litres. It will last for a long while…

Erin’s worm farm is starting to produce some worm tea! She is tremendously excited and can’t wait to dilute it and use it for the plants.

I also would like to say a huge thank you to my sister-in-law Leighanne, who has just sent me the most amazing photos from the Inyati Game Lodge where she works. These photos give me the inspiration to write and design my knitted animal patterns for my shop and for my book:) Thank you so much Leighanne!

Have a restful Sunday…


Worm Farms

Today the girls wormeries arrived, they were so excited and we set them up straight away! First we unpacked everything inside the boxes and started to add the layers as per instructions. We put in the worms and a small amount of food for them. The worms are going to live in the kitchen in the space where the dishwasher used to be. We no longer have a dishwasher and I actually find the process of washing up by hand more enjoyable than using the machine, this might not make sense, but instead of rinsing all the dishes first and then packing the machine, using expensive dishwasher soaps and plenty of water, we now just wash by hand in the sink and it feels good, it makes me feel more connected to my tasks as a homemaker… Ok, I am going way off topic here… Anyway, back to the wormeries, we have got 4 now and this should give us amazing worm tea and compost for the garden. They are Wizzard Worms Wormeries and are so compact and tidy and look quite sweet in the corner of our kitchen. It’s nice to think that there are sweet little worms working away quietly at our kitchen scraps converting them into worm tea and compost, pure liquid gold…

The worms arrived packed in this cardboard box with plenty of moist compost and paper.

Kitchen scraps went on top with a few pieces of shredded cardboard…

Once we were finished we covered both sides of the worm bin with soaked newspaper and let the precious creatures get on with their magic composting…

Wormery update:
Just to answer some questions, the wormeries should be just fine situated in your kitchen, they do not have an odour if they have the perfect balance of air, moisture and food. If you are going to keep your worm farm outside, it needs to be kept in the shade. Sometimes if the worms are overfed, then quite a putrid smell can emanate from the bin because of the rotting veg. I cut up my veggie scraps quite small to help the little worms with their composting. Most veggie scraps can go into the bin except citrus, pineapple, onions and I also don’t add potato skins or potatoes. (added 27 May 2011)
Here are some links to DIY wormeries.

Our Days…

The weather has been wonderful here since the weekend, we visited our favourite nursery and I just couldn’t resist these Daffodils, I think I am either going to knit or sew a cozy for their little pot and I will share the tutorial here once it is done:)
We went out into the garden this weekend and cleared our veggie beds for our winter veggies, we harvested these leeks and granadillas’ before we started and then off we went to work. I really want our to try and live out of our garden, we have always tried but found it difficult the keep the momentum going for a continuous supply of fresh vegetables. This year we are going to aim for that, to plant at different stages to ensure a supply of fresh produce.  We dug out our compost that has been rotting down for the past few months and filled the beds, we let that rest for a day or so and then planted our veggies. Our beds are full now with cauliflower, onions, spinage, tatsoi, pak choi, beets, lettuce cabbage etc… It does feel good to have it all in the ground and now to care for it and watch it grow:)
Our planted beds…
This was one of my Mother’s Day presents, a new worm bin, I love it and cannot wait to get it going, just waiting for our new worms to arrive….
We have all been taking turns with the drum carder, what fun! I really love it and it is so easy to use too! I have blended batts with angora, silk, sparkly, merino etc… and I can’t wait to make more:)

I have decided to start a little yarn shop on Big Cartel where I will be selling wonderful Merino yarn. It has all been handspun and hand dyed in South Africa and is beautiful and exceptionally soft. Take a peek, I will be uploading more soon:)
Here is the link I will also put the shop in the sidebar of my blog:)

Thank you all for your lovely Mother’s Day wishes:)

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