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WIP Wednesday

Dear Friends,
Today has been such a lovely sunny day and now while I am typing this post, the storm clouds have gathered and the rain is pouring down. Love it… Winters here in the interior of South Africa are very cold and dry so I am enjoying the last of our Autumn rains as much as possible…
I have been spinning more camel silk rovings, I think they are my favourite, so smooth and easy to spin. I have just finished this one below and I still need to set the twist and then it will be finished…
I am so excited! my knew yarn has arrived today! I had it spun up and dyed for me by a spinner in the Western Cape. I am going to knit my children’s winter clothing with these beautiful colours of yarn… Yay… As soon as I opened the box they all chose the colours that they would like, I think I am going to be knitting for the next few weeks. I am so looking forward to this:)
Ok, I am almost up to the armhole with Kye’s sweater:) Time to cast off soon:)
A few hours later…
(Oh dear, I have just checked the tension and seen I have miscalculated the gague! This vest is going to be for Erin now, she is thrilled to bits…
Now that I have correctly calculated the gague, I can cast on for Kye… big sigh…)
Had to add this… How does such a large boy balance on such a tiny surface, go asleep and not fall off? 🙂

This is my unicorn that I am busy working on at the moment, I still have to add her horn and some more colours to her tail and then she will be finished… Her tail and most of her mane are handspun silk…



WIP Wednesday and Charlie…

Dear Friends,
Today has been a lovely day, we all went shopping for some winter clothes this morning and I have been working on a sweater vest for Kye. I am knitting it in a baby blue merino single ply handspun, spun by community spinners in Cape Town and I am really loving the colour varigation. I have decided to knit this vest in the round, all at once, and the when I reach the armhole I will make the decreases in the front and put the back stitches on a stitch holder and go from there. This is my first attempt at this so wish me luck!
An now for the sleeping positions of Charlie…
This sweety belongs to Erin, he is one year old, huge and always manages to find comfort wherever he might be…

Share the Love Heart Swap:

We have been receiving so many entries for our Share the Love Heart Swap and Heidi and I have been pairing partners together this week. It has been lovely chatting to everyone and getting to know all of you, some old friends and some new, thank you so much for being a part of this global process:)

It is going to be wonderful fun and if you would still like to enter please email me at and send through your full name, address and blog link and we will partner you with a swap partner. We will be taking names until the 15th of April and your swap item will need to be sent off soon thereafter:) To read more about the swap visit here. If you have not heard from myself or Heidi and you have emailed us, please resend , we have had some emails going missing as we have had quite a few connection problems here in South Africa over the last few days, but it all seems to be sorted out by now:)

We have also started a Flickr group for our swap participants to post photos of their swap items, if you are part of the swap and would like to join our Share the Love Heart Swap Flickr group to post your photos visit here.

Happy Wednesday everyone:)


WIP Wednesday… Knitted Easter Eggs

This is my WIP Wednesday post, knitted Easter eggs, I have been working on a pattern today and I am almost finished… I have been knitting in the round working with the magic loop, this is such a lovely way to knit in the round, it has revolutionized my knitting, let me tell you!
I have so enjoyed knitting this little egg. I have knitted it with a purple Merino and a rainbow Mohair yarn for the striped area. It was really fun to knit:) Tomorrow I will be posting the pattern for everyone who would like to knit up some Eggs for Easter:)
Such cuteness, I know, they are just adorable, their mama has abandoned them and we are looking after these 9 little ones. Our children are in their element, they have given them all names and I have been told that we will be keeping every one of them… Yikes! 🙂

Another reason why I love Wednesdays, besides WIP Wednesday, is that this is the morning that our knitting group meets. It is such a wonderful time we share, we are a group of mamas who love to knit, we sit and chat, laugh, knit of course and learn new knitting techniques etc… wonderful 🙂  We missed you today Heidi, looking forward to seeing you next week:) Heidi has a beautiful blog, if you have a chance, stop by and see her lovely tutorials:)
See you all tomorrow with the Easter egg knitting pattern:)


WIP Wednesday

This is my workbasket at the moment… It goes everywhere with me, there are loads of goodies in here, I am still busy with all my Easter orders, chickens, rabbits and squirrels and a Cheetah, I have so enjoyed making this and I am almost finished! I have also just received my first Valentine’s card from Garden Mama’s Vintage Valentine card Swap you can see it in the front of my basket, this was so exciting to collect from the post office yesterday! And at the the back of my basket you can see a brown envelope with a beautiful fabric heart in front on it, I have my newsletter from Tonya and it is stunning!! I am so glad I ordered it and am sure I will order regularly. The fabric heart is wonderful:) Thank you Tonya:)
A few posts back I showed you a photo of our bedroom that we were busy rennovating, painting the walls and floors and refurnishing. Well now this work in progress is finished, Yay!

What are you all busy working on at the moment? I am off to visit your lovely blogs and see:)

Happy Wednesday:)

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