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Black and White Wednesday and WIP Wednesday…

This is one of my favourite black and white photos of Kye when he was younger… His hair is growing long again, love it! If you have also done a black and white Wednesday post today, please share your link in the comments so we can visit:)
When I saw this Shalom Cardigan for the first time on Amanda’s blog, I knew I had to knit one.  I think it was the green colour more than anything else that really woke up my senses and the way the pattern twists around the neck… I am looking forward to this knitting journey:)
Love the twists…

This is a custom order for my shop, someone has asked for a pink South African knitted lion:) I think he will be so sweet when finished.
Happy day to you all:)


WIP Wednesday Knitting

The weather is cooling down quite a lot here, and that means that all our indigenous plants are coming into bloom! This is an Aloe plant that Erin is admiring. They have amazing healing properties and they attract the most wonderful birdlife, sunbirds etc… with long beaks, too beautiful.
Today was the first day we have had sunshine in a while, we went straight outside with our new little chickens and let them scratch around on the leaves and the grass. They looked very happy! The above photo is of Jenna’s fingerless gloves that I am finishing off for winter, a lovely pattern, you can find here.
These are Kye’s slipper socks that I am knitting. I have used the pattern from the Children’s Year and simply knitted the foot of the slipper in the round which makes it so much easier and means less sewing up, which is great! This is such an amazing book to have as part of your home library, essential I think:)
Yes, the bottom of the finished sock is a little soiled because Kye was so excited that I was knitting these for him, he has been wearing the one finished slipper sock with his socks until I am finished the other one! Sweet! I am almost finished the second slipper sock and then he will have two! It is such an easy pattern, you can just knit to your foot size:) Love it!

Foraging baby chickens…
Life is good!


WIP Wednesday and a Book!

Quite a while ago we did some rennovations on our home and one of them was a workroom for me. We used to have an extra room with a jaccuzi in it that we never used. So we decided to let the jaccuzi go to a friend and turn the room into a workroom for me! I love this room, so much warmth and sunshine flowing through the windows… What I haven’t done yet is hang any curtains. So I decided to make Roman blinds myself and so far it is all working out! Thank goodness!
I have started with the smallest window in the room first, to see how it goes and I used this wonderful tutorial which really helped, and I can actually do this:) I even matched up the flowers on the side. ( Gasp)  Ok, I know I am going on and on, but I knit and haven’t really done much sewing,(which I am planning to change, I might add) and this blind actually fits the window, so there is hope for me as far as sewing goes…

I attached the lining and the tape for the strands of chord, now I just need to buy some wood for the bottom and the top and we are basically done:)


I have some exciting news…. ( drum roll…….)

Ok here it is….. I am entering a new chapter in my life…

My friend Heidi and I have decided to put our creative ideas together and write our first book!!
It will be a knitting book with many exciting inspirational ideas and patterns! We can’t wait to start putting it together. We will be chatting with our publishers soon and will keep you all updated.

Today is the last day for you to enter the NATURAL KIDS EARTH DAY PROMOTION GIVEAWAY, if you would like to enter please leave a comment here.

Thank you so much to everyone who visits here and leaves such wonderful comments:)



WIP Wednesday and Outdoor Challenge

Thank you so much to everyone who sent Richard and I warm anniversay wishes yesterday and today, you are all so wonderful and I really enjoy reading all of your comments:)
I really didn’t think I would be able to post a WIP Wednesday today, I have been busy dyeing yarn and finishing off with Caiden’s Native American block and Jenna’s Middle Ages block but I managed to take photos of my wips’ and post them! Yay:)
On my needles at the moment:
This is a custom order photography prop cocoon that I am busy with, I started it this morning and it is going well so far. I love this soft Merino yarn and its varigation.
Jenna’s hat is almost finished! Don’t you just love the pattern? I love how it creates that turned effect, really amazing, I bought this wonderful pattern here on Etsy. This hat just leaves an opening for the face and keeps the neck and head warm. Going to be cozy for winter.
Here is another one for Erin that I am knitting, she chose a soft lilac Merino.
I have had so much fun dyeing with natural dyes this week! The above photo is boucle’ Mohair I have dyed with onions skins, I mordanted the yarn with allum and I think this should be perfect for doll hair, will list it in the shop later for sale. I have also been dyeing with exhaust dye baths and the results are so subtle and pretty!
Outdoor Challenge:
Remember the large box that everyone had so much fun with? Well the last few days it has had another function, as a giant slide. You have NO idea how much time everyone has been spending outside sliding down this cardboard and I must say it does work really well. They cannot get enough of it, they have so much energy, this has really been wonderful fun! Amazing how versatile a piece of cardboard can be:)
Off to visit all your WIPs:) Happy Wednesday!
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