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Easter Drawstring Gift Bag Tutorial

Today I have been making Easter gift bags and I thought I would put together a little tutorial:)
I cut out two pieces of organic hemp cloth for two bags, I just love this fabric, it is wonderfully soft. Each piece is 25 inches long and 9 inches wide and then I fold it over.
I found all my Easter stamps that my sister gifted me with and an ink pad and I was off ready to stamp!
Here we go!
These are some of the designs I printed…
I sewed the sides and top of the little bag and then I folded the top of the bag over inside and sewed that closed with enough space for a finger knitted chain to thread through.
This chain was finger knitted by my son Caiden:) Now cut a little opening for the chain to thread through on the inside of the bag, Thread a wool needle onto the end of the wool chain and thread it through the top of the bag until it reaches the other side where you started from. Pull it through and out and make it long enough so that it can be tied.

And there it is, an Easter Drawstring Gift Bag. Finished size 7.5 x 11 inches. I ironed over the printing to set the ink.

Any Easter items bought from my shop will be sent in a little Easter drawstring gift bag that the item will fit into. I will also be adding these large organic hemp Easter gift bags above to my Etsy shop for purchase, ready to be filled with treasures for Easter Morning:)

Have a great weekend:)


Making Rainbow Felt, a Tutorial

Today was such a lovely day, we actually had some sun but by the afternoon it was raining again. I decided to make rainbow felt today and Caiden was my little helper…
We chose some roving that would make rainbows.
We teased out all the colours and lay them down in layers next to eachother and made sure that they overlapped.
We wet the roving with quite warm water all over, very carefully ensuring it was wet all the way through to the other side.
This was the fun part:) We wet our hands, added a little liquid soap, rubbed our hands to make the soap lather and gently moved our hands over the roving again and again to let the fibres bind together firmly. Once the one side is done, turn the felt sheet over so that you can do the same with the other side.
Once you are happy with your felt and it feels like it is a solid piece, it is time to rinse out some of the soap in warm water, making sure to always be very gentle all the time.
Now you can use the ridged surface of your sink. Lay your felt out flat on your draining board and rub it up and down the ridges quite a few times. This binds the felt further and also shrinks it. Turn it over and do the same on the reverse side.
Fill your sink with cool water and rinse out the remaining soap, until your water is clear.
Squeeze out all the water.

Lay your rainbow felt out on a flat surface to dry:) And there you go Felt!
Our song we sang while we worked…

Slowly, slowly, slowly
Move hands to and fro
On a sea of silver
Let the colours glow
Colours become rainbows
Shining through so bright
Slowly, slowly, slowy
Radiant, glorious light…

I think we will make necklace purses with our felt… We will blog them soon…
Happy weekend to everyone.


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