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The Summer Blouse is Finished!

I had no intention of posting a second post today but then I finished the Summer Blouse for Jen and I was just so excited at how it turned out that I had to blog it! OK, this is my first attempt at a garment, so please, all the experienced sewists, forgive my obvious errors, (blush) I do intend to improve… I really enjoyed this project, it was so meditative in a way, setting everything out and slowly piecing it together. Jen is really happy with her new blouse, so this of course made it all worth it for sure! It is really difficult to see the print on the fabric in the photos, but I did post a photo of it here. I am also very grateful for the comments from readers who made me aware of the errata pages that are avaliable, this was such a great help especially with the sleeves as some of the markings were missing off the pattern and this would have confused me to no end, thanks so much!
Hope you are all having a wonderful New Years day.

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