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The Long Weekend

The girls making their Spring crowns…

When I saw this blossom, I literally shrieked! Our Cherry tree has blossoms on it!! It has taken 6 years, and each year I hope that a blossom will appear, and this year it has:) I can’t wait to see if it will fruit… We have also discovered our Mission Olive tree also has tiny olives on the highest branches. Oh, this is a good Spring!

Spring crowns made from Japanese Maple branches hanging in the kitchen…

Charlie always close by, here he is lying under the Mulberry tree, on the top of the fence…

Dancing round our Spring pole…
There would have been many more photos, buy unfortunately Blogger was not co-operating today…
I have been working on designing an Arum Lily flower pattern this afternoon, I have finished the flower piece and just need to make the stem and sew everything together. I will blog the pattern tomorrow, if Blogger allows it:)
Happy weekending.


Spring Garland / Mobile Tutorial

Today the girls and I made Spring Garlands, some will be going into our Etsy shop for sale. I thought I would share a tutorial with you:)
Spring Garland / Mobile Tutorial:
Materials Needed:
Rainbow felt
Craft flowers
Needle and thread
Cut and join your wire, I just joined mine firmly with tape.
Attatch your ribbon with tape, sew it fast and wind your ribbon around your wire making sure to overlap each time.
Once you have reached the end, sew your ribbon securely.
Wind your little craft roses around your garland.
I cut out butterfly shapes from my stash of rainbow felt.
Folded them over and sewed them together, making them look like their wings are upright.
Attached a handle so that the garland can hang.
I sewed a little abdomen onto the middle of the butterfly to weight it so that it would hang nicely and then I took some embroidery thread and attached it onto the garland.

And there you have it, a Spring garland….

Happy Tuesday everyone,



Spring is Here…

Our view from our bedroom passage window… Whisteria in full bloom, I wonder if I could dye a colour with that……
Entrance to our veggie garden….

My birthday present from my hubby finally arrived, a new Ashford Traditional spinningwheel, Jen and I are busy oiling it…

My new pattern for my shop… Simon the Lion…

Been spinning Blue Faced Leicester roving…

Our first Apple blossom of Spring, Top Red Variety…

Have a lovely weekend everyone…

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