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Crafting and a Giveaway…

Winter is definately here, it is so cold outside, I am so grateful for our fireplace… These sweet little birds sitting in this tree are called Chats and that’s how I know it is winter for sure, besides the freezing weather, because they only visit when we are in the thick of winter and this week, they arrived! I always love to see them and their song is so beautiful…

Caiden is loving fingerknitting, he is so enjoying this. He sits for ages and makes beautiful rainbow chains, it is wonderful to see him so taken with this craft…

I have really started enjoying my spinning wheel over the last week, it is so relaxing and I love creating yarn that I can hopefull knit with someday. A wonderful friend of mine, Carle’ has very patiently given me such wonderful guidance about spinning, thank you so much. Last night, I spun some natural Merino wool and plyed it with a thinner Icelandic wool, I am so thrilled with how it turned out for one of my first time spins…

I have wound it into a skein and you can see the ply…. Just want to spin all day now, I have the most beautiful rovings in my cupboard, but I want to spin a little more before I take those out to spin….

Our birdfeeders are full for our many feathered friends that visit us each day….

Sock Wool Giveaway:

This beautiful hand dyed ball of 100g sock wool has been very kindly donated by my friend Carle’, for my giveaway. Carle’ has hand dyed this wool herself and also has a stunning Etsy shop where she has just listed her hand spun wool,

If you would like to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on my blog and I will choose and announce the winner next Saturday.

I would really appreciate it if you would link to this giveaway in your blogposts for more people to have a chance to win, but if you would just like to enter and not post about it, that is just fine too. I look forward to hearing from you all….

Have a lovely 4th of July weekend…. I of course, will be spinning….




Spindle Spun Wool

I have had such a wonderful weekend! I have been spinning with a spindle and I have had so much fun! Jenna made this spindle quite a while ago and this weekend I just decided I really wanted to learn to spin. I had such fun, I couldn’t put it down and I just want to spin more and more, LOL!
I spun my Merino fleece, balled it on a baller and there is a neat little ball, it is just amazing…
I am even starting to buy fiber to spin with…. this is addictive by the way…. I love to knit, but now, I also love to spin…
Have a great week
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