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Geysers ?

Early this morning, I walked through our home into my wool room. I was looking for a roving and as I stood looking into my wool cupboard I heard the sound of running water… I walked into the next room to the bathroom and couldn’t believe my eyes… Our geyser had burst… The ceiling was on the floor of the bathroom and water  and ceiling insulation was everywhere… It has been a busy day so far, the up side of this disaster is that we are going to replace our old geyesr with a solar powered one, so we are now smiling:) We just have to decide which one to purchase, any ideas? I think we will go with solar tubes as quite a few solar panels cracked during this cold winter we just had in South Africa. We also need to decide weather to have the geyser on the roof with the panels or to feed the water into a geyser inside the roof… So much to think about. If anyone out there has solar please could you leave some words of wisdom for us we would greatly appreciate it.

(Some readers have asked what a geyser is. We call them geysers here in South Africa, I think overseas they are called hot water heaters?)

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