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The Brave Little Parrot

I have just finished reading through a wonderful book with my son, Caiden. It is called, ‘The Brave Little Parrot’, by Rafe Martin. It is a wonderful tale from Ancient India about a brave and determined little parrot. A raging fire threatens to burn down the forest where he lives. All the other animals run away in fear, but this one little brave bird is so determined to put out the fire and save their home. It is such an uplifting story and shows how just one deed of determination or kindness can make a difference in the world…

We loved the story so much that, I have made a Brave Little Parrot for Caiden and there will also be one looking for a new home in my Etsy shop soon.

Have a wonderful weekend…..


My most recent farmyard order

Today, I am sharing another aspect of my life with you that I enjoy so very much, and that is creating these precious little characters! Each one has their own special look and personality and are truly treasured by those they belog to!

They are all knitted in pure Merino sheep wool and are all filled with pure fleece, they are soft and warm when held and are just so special.
This order has been completed for a special friend.
Thank you all so much for reading my blog, I so look forward to all the comments that you leave for me to read and even though you are really far from here, your thoughts are treasured….


Hello everyone, yes, I am having a sale on my Etsy shop for the next 3 days to clear all my stock, many of the items have been generously reduced, you can view them at:

I also have a separate price list for overseas customers who would like to buy directly from me, you can contact me on my personal email below.

For all of those who are local to South Africa, I do have a South African price list now and you can contact me for this on my email at:

Have a fantastic week ahead!

Enjoy the Sale




My New Addition to my Farmyard Etsy Shop

Hello everyone, I am posting my new addition to my farmyard Etsy shop, she is a beautiful horse called Honeybell and was really such a joy to make. She is made from pure Merino sheep wool, her mane and tail were handspun and she is simply Lovely.
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