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A Gift

It is my friend’s daughter’s birthday party tomorrow and I have made her a skirt among other things. I am so pleased with how it has turned out. It is made from 100% cotton and is simply delightful…..


Two Skirts

Today I feel so fulfilled…… I have just finished sewing two cotton skirts for my daughters. I used to sew many years ago when I was at school and not really since then. So last night when I opened the pattern, I found it all a little daunting. Anyway, I managed to find my way around and I ended up with these two beautiful skirts that they absolutely love.

I will be making many more…

So much has changed since we started our home educating and self sustainable path, vegetable gardens, chickens, free range eggs, recycling and compost heap building has all become part of our everyday lives, as many of you know who read this blog. Now I can see that sewing will also take up part of my days, I feel a deep connection to buying the fabric and shaping it into something for my children, that they will love and that I will enjoy making.

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