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Acorn Nature Sewing Cards, Recycling

When I woke up this morning, I thought¬† I would make some sewing cards from wood, but I didn’t have the correct thickness of wood for the scroll saw, so I decided to go ahead and recycle some thick cardboard boxes instead. I will go searching for wood tomorrow but for today we used card:) This was such fun and even Kye enjoyed sewing a little Maple leaf!

Cardboard boxes from around your home
Wool needle

Draw your acorn template or whatever you would like to draw onto your card and colour in.

An acorn.

Take a sharp nail and push holes through your card, make sure your sewing holes are not too near the edge of your drawing.

Once you are finished making the holes for sewing, cut out your acorn.

Thread your wool needle and tie a knot on the end of your yarn. Start sewing in and out of the card.

And there you have your finished acorn!

This is Kye’s leaf that he was sewing.

Happy sewing!

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