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More Holiday Photos

There were so many photos from our road trip, so I decided to blog them over two days… 

Flowering Aloes were dotted all along the roadside as we travelled.

Swimming in the ocean on cloudy day.

The walkway at Southbroom beach.

Richard and Kye were building a sand castle fort.

There was a sand artist on Port Edward beach and he sculptured the most amazing creatures…

Oh YAY! We discovered the most divine river, hidden away in the Drakensburg. We all played there for hours, it was amazing fun:)

This is me walking up the river to the children.

It was truly beautiful…

A photo of the South African veld (bush, grasslands) with a lonely thorn tree in the middle on a hazy day. We noticed there had been plenty of veld fires down south where we travelled and the green shoots of grass were starting to peek through.

Richard and the boys, so sweet….

These are the last of our postcards from our road trip, such happy memories:)

Happy Monday,


Postcards from our Road Trip…

We arrived home from the most amazing road trip we could have ever hoped for, this afternoon! It was truly splendid and I know our children and Richard and I, will remember it for years to come… We managed to break up the journey into quite a few stages, so that we didn’t spend too much time driving, I think the longest stretch was a 5 hour drive from the Drakensburg to the Port Edward on the South Coast of Natal, South Africa. Kye really does not enjoy the car too much but he coped rather well this time:)

I have returned to the most wonderful Spring garden, the growth while we have been away has been tremendous. Blossoms everywhere, our Oak trees are GREEN! And our asparagus is over a metre high! Love it! I have started with the first load of laundry, there will be many as you can imagine… We had a lovely time… now for some photos…

The landscape on the road to the Drakensburg.

Early morning at Alpine Heath where we stayed for the first 3 days of our trip…

Port Edward Beach, Natal South Coast.

This is a Vervet monkey, there were so many at the resort where we were staying and they would visit us most mornings. This one is sitting on our balcony. They would just appear from nowhere out of the thick bush.

Jen, Erin and Caiden in the surf…

The first morning we were out at the beac at 6 30 am, it was amazing…


I love photos of lighthouses…

This rock was beautiful, it has been turned into a bowl by the erosion of the sea water…

Some special reading time with dad, Kye brought with his favourite book by Jan Brett, The Mitten

This was the last stop on our journey in the Midlands, Bellwood Cottages, it was a wonderful place, a working stud farm and trout farm. We had fun rowing on the dam in the canoes…

I have missed this space and I am so glad to be back, take care,


Road Trip!

There is great excitement here in our home today, because tomorrow we will be setting off on our road trip! We will first be driving to the Drakensburg, which is in the mountains, then we will make our way down to the South Coast for a week at the beach and then we will be staying in the Midlands Meander for 2 days and then onward home:) I think the children had already finished packing at the beginning of the week, they are so excited. We are taking our mountain bikes with to ride along a few of the trails and we are packing a trailer full of things we need.

I have been trying to decide what knitting I should take with, because of course there has to be knitting, but what to take, hmmmm…….. I think I am finally going to finish my Shalom Cardigan, I can’t wait, actually:) and I can also get a head start on some of my handmade Christmas gifts too. The girls have already packed some handwork and I have planned packs for each child for the car with activities for them to do while we are driving…

It is going to be a little quite here for a little while, but don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for Creative Friday because I will put that up before we set off in the morning, thanks a million to all of you who come over each Friday and share their amazing creativity!

Take care

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