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Grade 7 Waldorf Physics Block, Colour, Magnetism and Refraction

Jen has just finished her Physics block and now we have moved on to Chemistry, this is what she has been busy with over the last week.

This was an amazing experiment. We filled a round glass bottle with water, stuck a cork onto the bottle and inverted it into a large and sturdy glass. We placed a lit candle behind the bottle filled with water and it emitted the most radiant light through the water filled bottle. This experiment was done at night in the kitchen with the lights off. This method of lighting came about, many years ago before there was electricity. People would like to sit and sew and as night approached, it became too dark to sew and then some clever soul came up with this idea:)

If anyone is blogging their school year for grade 8, grade 6 or grade 4. Please would you leave your link in the comments, I would love to see what you are busy with:)

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