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Rubber Band Bouncy Balls Anyone?

Ever wondered what to do with all those rubber bands instead of throwing them in the bin? Make rubber band bouncy balls of course! Every day when the newspaper arrives, it has a rubber band around it, we have saved all the bands and Jen, Erin and Cady have made the most amazing bouncy balls with them. We visited my mom today, Caiden asked her if she had any rubber bands, oh what thrill and excitement ensued when she brought out two big bags of bands, saying, “You know how I can’t throw anything away”…. (My mom also saves her newspaper rubber bands….. what luck).
So if you feel the need to do some recycling of the rubber band kind, to make the bounciest, rubber band ball ever, this is what you do. Take a band and tie a few knots in it, roll it up, then just start wrapping single bands around and around in figure eight movements, (this can be a little tricky in the beginning, but don’t give up, it’s REALLY fun once you get going:) AND when you are finished, you have reused something and have an amazing rubber ball:)


The Story of a Treehouse…

I wanted to write a post about the treehouse that our children built in the front garden…

We have this beautiful tall White Stinkwood Tree in the front garden, perfect for a treehouse, we have tried to build one before but it was rather tiny. Last week our three older children decided it was time… They sat down and designed how it would look, gave Richard and I a shopping list for nails and a couple of recycled pallets and off we went to source the required items during our Saturday morning grocery shopping. They reused planks that we already had and besides the nails, all other materials were recycled.
They built the treehouse on two separate levels, with a rope pulley system to collect goods from the ground and bring them up to the top of the structure. My, they have grown up so fast… they have built something that is strong and sturdy, using their determination and imagination, they are extremely proud of their wonderful treehouse as are Richard and myself. How lovely that they worked together on something from beginning to end as a team, makes me happy…
And that is the story of our treehouse…


The Wool and Yarn Room

This is my wool and yarn room… I have been trying to organise this space somewhat and I thought I would share it here…
The glass door cupboards used to be in our lounge, but when we repainted we decided we preferred the room without them and so into the wool room they went. I love them here because of the glass, the yarn is more visable and I can quickly see what I am looking for. (They are kind of full though… so I need to find more space soon!) BUT I have decided to start knitting up my stash…

This cupboard on the left contains some of my rovings, dyes, and of course yarn. In the cupboards below, I have large bags of Alpaca roving etc…

Ok, I had to take a photo of my drum carder… time to make some batts…

Cupboard on the right… more yarn… I know so many plastic bags… whenever I buy yarn and rovings they always arrive in the post in these plastic bags, I repurpose the bags and use them to store my wool and rovings, it keeps my yarn safe from moths etc… and I use the bags over and over…  and when I no longer need them, I will once again repurpose them and crochet or recycle them into shopping bags etc… I also put soap blocks, and lavender into my cupboards to let the little insects think twice about setting up home here:) I believe you can also use cedar blocks as well.

I am going to knit a bath mat with this beautiful two ply organic cotton from here.
Wishing you all an inspired week…


Acorn Nature Sewing Cards, Recycling

When I woke up this morning, I thought  I would make some sewing cards from wood, but I didn’t have the correct thickness of wood for the scroll saw, so I decided to go ahead and recycle some thick cardboard boxes instead. I will go searching for wood tomorrow but for today we used card:) This was such fun and even Kye enjoyed sewing a little Maple leaf!

Cardboard boxes from around your home
Wool needle

Draw your acorn template or whatever you would like to draw onto your card and colour in.

An acorn.

Take a sharp nail and push holes through your card, make sure your sewing holes are not too near the edge of your drawing.

Once you are finished making the holes for sewing, cut out your acorn.

Thread your wool needle and tie a knot on the end of your yarn. Start sewing in and out of the card.

And there you have your finished acorn!

This is Kye’s leaf that he was sewing.

Happy sewing!

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