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Today is quite chilly outside, actually my fingers feel freezing on the keyboard, but I love to visit all your blogs and see what everyone has been doing so far in this week. We have just come back from guitar lessons and my children have built a double tight rope and are having such fun! Next week we will be building a platform tree house in our Oak Tree in the back yard and they want to have a pulley system linking between that and the other Oak tree, exciting times ahead…

This is Ben and River, they are two Turtle doves that Jenna and Erin rescued and have been taking care of over the last two weeks, they are almost ready to be released and are so beautiful.

Drawings from Ancient Greece and Astronomy from Jenna:

Grecian Urn:

Leo and Hercules:


Erin has just finished her second Man and Animal Block and now we are starting Beowulf:

Caiden is enjoying Fables still and he is almost finished his block:

The Fox and the Crow:

Caiden’s desert scene for verbs and nouns, sounds animals make in the desert, we are still busy with this.

Lastly, my Shabby Chic Donkey I knitted from my yarn I spun on my spinningwheel.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for the sock wool giveaway, just page down a few posts to find it.


Today we are having a real South African lunch, we are having Pap and Gravy it is really yummy and really filling,



1 Bag of Mielie Meal ( crushed dried white corn)


4 Tomatoes, 1 onion, beef stock, salt, pepper, oil.

Bring 1 litre of water to the boil, once water is boiling add 4 cups of mealie meal and cook slowly for about an hour or until it is fluffy.

While this is cooking, take another pot for your gravy,


Cook your chopped up onions and tomatoes in a little oil then add about 1 tblsp of beef stock and mix into your tomatoes and onion, add some water and allow you gravy to cook until it is lovely and thick.

Add salt to taste, it is really divine, we eat ours with some Achar on the side, yummy…

Dish up your pap and pour on your gravy and there you go…

Have a great day…


Potato Wedges

Yesterday we all helped and cooked dinner together, it was really nice to have the whole family helping. We made a supper with food grown from our garden. We also made a big portion of potato wedges.

Here is Kye helping from his stove.

Here is our potato wegdes recipe, it is really divine:

Take as many potatoes as you want, and cut them into wedges. Place them in a good sized dish and pour Olive oil all over them, then sprinkle Rosemary and herb salt over the wedges. I usually add about 1 clove of crushed garlic as well.

Move the wedges around before they go into the oven and make sure they are well covered with all the ingredients.

Set your oven to 180 degrees C and bake for about an hour, or until your potatoes are cooked. Take them out of the oven and move them around in the sauce again and then return them to the oven and grill for a short while, just to make them a little crispy. Be careful not to burn them.

Here is the finished product, they truly do taste amazing, enjoy!!!!


Lemon Cordial Recipe

We have five lemon trees in our garden and they are all full of lemons at this time of year, so Jen and I decided to make Lemon Cordial with our bounty of lemons. This is a recipe from granny and it is lovely.


3 lemons

2 teaspoons of citric acid

900 grams of sugar

a large bunch of mint

750 ml boiling water

Grate all the skins off the lemons and place them in a bowl, then squeeze the juice from the lemons over the skins. Add all the other ingredients, pour the boiling water into the bowl and stir until the sugar has disolved, crushing the mint at the same time.

Let this mixture cool down and then strain and bottle when cool. It can be stored in the fridge.

Because this is a cordial, you only need to pour a tiny amount in a glass and fill the rest of the glass with filtered water. This is such a refreshing drink, enjoy!


Mozarella Cheese

I was looking at various blogs today and I came across:
please visit their site for the recipe for their Mozarella Cheese. They have this lovely Mozarella cheese recipe that is so quick and easy to make and since Erin is in grade 3, I thought it would be a good opportunity to make more cheese. It is hardening in the fridge now, but I thought I would blog the photos of our experience.
The milk has boiled, the vinegar has been added and it is starting to curdle.

After 15 minutes the milk is completely curdled.

Draining the cheese. Don’t forget to add salt.

We tied the cheesecloth onto a spoon over a bowl to drain and harden a little.

Here we have taken the Mozarella out of the cheesecloth . Thank you Littlehomebiglove for sharing this process with us, we really had a wonderful time making it and we can’t wait to taste it tomorrow.

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