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Portrait Saturday

This is my favourite chair in my bedroom, I often sit here in the mornings and watch the sun rise.
Sandy seems to like this spot too… ūüôā
Wishing you all a peaceful weekend,


Images Around Our Home and Garden

Today has been a wonderful sunny and warm day, after the week of freezing and rainy weather we have experienced, the sun¬†has been¬†most welcome! I wandered around the garden and inside our home with my camera and have¬†taken some photos to share here… I am enjoying visiting the links on Creative Friday, you are all so wonderful and thank you for the lovely birthday wishes for Jen’s 14th birthday on Thursday. Today her little bird flew away out of his cage, she has hand-reared him since he was a tiny little¬†hatchling. It was a most traumatic time, but then she went outside and called to him, she had a bowl of his favourite food (bird nutritional cereal) in her hands and he flew down to her from the oak tree and sat on the bowl! His name is Doug, he has never known life out in the ‘wild’ and doesn’t know how to fend for himself, it is also freezing here at night, so we were all terribly concerned for this¬†sweet little¬†creature. We are so relieved he is back here, safe with us… Erin is down and out with flu at the moment,¬†she has been drinking¬†honey, lemon and ginger tea¬†and taking her homoeopathic remedies, but I can see she feels flat… if anyone has any natural remedy suggestions that have helped to soothe flu symptoms, I would be most grateful to hear them:)

I have listed a new item in our Mamma4earth family shop, some bottle green glass stitch markers, made by my wonderful daughter Jenna.

Happy weekend xo
(PS Thinking of you my dear friend Shannon xo xo)



Today we watched our sweet little chickens as they sand bathed in the sand, oh how they enjoyed this! It really was the cutest thing to watch, sand flying everywhere, how wonderful they are, I couldn’t imagine our life without these special creatures…

Knitting Jen’s cardi by the fireside…

Thought I would show you the colourway, I just love it! All natural all organic… I am ready to knit the back and the front sides now. I¬†am happy to¬†share the pattern instructions in a blog post soon if anyone is interested.

A new really large mug just for me…

There is a new one of a kind unicorn in the shopūüôā

Have a wonderful weekend xo


Portrait Saturday

We found these delightful mushrooms growing behind the chicken enclosure in our garden…
Wishing you all a peaceful weekend

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