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Thulani, the Rhino

Meet Thulani, the Rhino, the name Thulani means ‘peace’ in the Zulu language. This is a very special pattern and holds great meaning for me. I am sure you are aware of the barbaric poaching of Rhino that occurs here in South Africa. Rhino are brutally hunted and poached for their horns, last year 448 Rhino were killed and this year so far the numbers are increasing. I have knitted Thulani to raise funds to donate to an organisation called Stop Rhino Poaching Now. For each Rhino pattern that is sold in any of my pattern shops, I will be donating $ 1.00 to this fund. To read more about what this fund does and how even the smallest donations help, please visit the link above.

I will also be knitting up a limited number of Rhino to sell in my Mamma4earth Etsy shop and a portion of the sale money will be donated as well.

Here is some more information about the pattern:

Thulani is knitted flat on 2 needles in stocking stitch in aran weight wool, the horns are knitted in the round with the magic loop or you can knit them on DPNs in the round. The eyes are needle felted on with fleece and a felting needle or you could sew them on with wool and a needle.

Finished measurements:
4.5 inches tall and 8 inches from tail to horn

The pattern is 17 pages long with plenty of photos to guide you.

I am giving away 2 patterns to 2 readers, to enter, please leave your comments here in this blog post, if you are a Google reader, please click on the Natural Suburbia heading in your Google email and that will bring you to my blog where you can leave a comment.
I will announce the winners on Friday in this post.
Please could you Tweet and Facebook this post to bring awareness to people, it will also give you extra entries, let me know by commenting here again. Every little bit will help these majestic creatures.

Congratulations to:

I have posted it on my Facebook page.



I just adore this one! I keep saying this every time your new pattern comes out but, they are all so brilliant. they look just like what they are supposed too! You should do a pangolin! Those animals are amazing.

Please could you send your email addresses to me at and I will email the patterns off to you.

Love and light to you all


The Knitted Swan Pattern

She is finished at last, please meet Miss Rebecca, the swan…
Such an elegant lady, as she glides up and down the pond…
I have knitted her in double knitting wool with 4mm needles. She is knitted in the round, I have used the magic loop technique, but DPNs (double pointed needles would be perfect too) Her beak is woven onto a loop on her head. The pattern has plenty of photos to guide you through the creative process.

Her pattern is avaliable on my Etsy shop and I will be uploading it to my Ravelry and Craftsy stores soon too.
Have a magical day
PS if you would like to win a Swan pattern, leave a comment and I will choose a winner tomorrow xo

Congratulations to:

Oh my Lord! All of your creations are beautiful but this swan is magnificent. How I would love to try this thank you for the chance to win.

Valentine Heart Coaster Knitting Pattern, Colour Work

I’ve been working on a little (almost, not sure if it is really) Fair Isle colour work for a Valentine heart coaster, you could even attach some yarn and make it into a picture to hang up or make a little banner with a few of these attached to it, or a garland. I haven’t written a pattern for colour work before, so please bare with me, I hope it makes sense, if not just send me an email and I will answer any questions:) Also if you find any errors do let me know and I will sort them out.

Here we go:

Oddments of beige and red hand spun or DK yarn, DK would look better as it is even.
4mm straight needles
Needle for sewing in ends

Cast on 17 stitches in beige wool.
Knit 5 rows in garter stitch
Row 6: knit 3 purl 11, knit 3
Row 7: knit
Row 8: knit 3, purl 11, knit 3
Row 9: knit 8 attach red, k 1 in red, twist yarns, leave red,  knit 8 in beige.
Row 10: knit 3 in beige,  purl 4 in beige, twist yarns, purl 3 in red twisting the beige and red as you go, twist yarns, leave red, purl 4 beige, knit 3 beige.
Row 11: knit 6 beige, twist red and beige yarns and knit 6 stitches in red, carrying the beige at the back, twist and leave red, knitting in beige to the end.
Row 12: knit 3 beige, purl 2 beige, twist red and beige on facing side of work and purl 7 in red, twist red and beige yarns, leave red and continue, purl 2 beige,  knit 3 beige on end.
Row 13: knit 5 beige, twist yarns knit 7 in red carrying the beige at the back, twist yarns, leave red an knit 5 beige to end.
Row 14: knit 3 , p 2 in beige, twist and purl 7, twist yarns together across, leave red and purl 2 beige, k 3 beige.
Row 15: knit 5 beige, twist red and beige, k 7 red, carrying beige at the back, twist yarns, leave red k 5 in beige.
Row 16: knit 3 beige, purl 2 beige, twist yarns, purl 7 red, carrying beige along, twist yarns, leave red, purl 2 beige, knit 3 beige.
Row 17: knit 6 beige, twist yarns, knit 2 red, twist yarns, knit 1 beige, twist yarns, knit 2 red, twist yarns, knit 6 beige.
Row 18: knit 3, purl 4, twist yarns, purl 1 red, twist, purl 1 beige, twist, purl 1 red, twist, p 4 beige, k 3 beige.
Row 19: knit
Row 20: knit 3, purl 11, knit 3 all beige
Row 21: knit all beige
Row: 22: knit 3, purl 11, knit 3
Row 23: knit
Row 24: knit
Row 25: knit
Row 26: knit
cast off

Sew in all your ends and block by dampening your coaster slightly with water and then pinning it into a square shape with pins on a suitable surface, remove when dry.
And there you go.
I am sure this would be much easier as a chart, still working on learning how to chart patterns:)
Happy Monday and enjoy knitting:)

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