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Lemon Circuit Battery, Grade 8

We have been busy with our 8th grade Waldorf Chemistry block. It has been such fun, we built a lemon circuit battery. It has been fascinating and I have learned so much! It’s amazing to think that with a few lemons, zinc, copper, wires, springs and an LED we could have power! Amazing!! If you would like to give it a try (oh you  must you simply must, it is awesome!!, No pressure… ahem:) visit here there is a step by step tutorial and a You Tube video. Oh yes, and if you are looking for wonderful Chemistry and Physics block work, I have been using Eric Fairman’s guide for grade 6 they are truly wonderful curriculum guides. 

Can you see the little LED light up (light emitting diode, see, I had no idea that this is what  LED represented, until now… I love homeschooling:)

This is the circuit Jen built completely on her own using coins instead of the copper strips…
Wishing you all an inspired day:)

Sending Love Heart Swap

There has been such a lovely response to the ‘Sending Love Heart Swap’, 68 people have joined, I have started emailing out the the swap partner emails:) If you would like to join, it isn’t too late, just go here and you can sign up:)
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