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Kye’s Milo Vest is Finished!

Today I finished Kye’s Milo vest! I love how it looks on him. I did make it a size larger than his age so that he could wear it for a couple of winters. He really enjoyed showing it off when he noticed I was taking photos:) I knitted it in a cotton DK from Colourspun it is such a wonderful and easy pattern.
Caiden, who was sitting nearby, noticed that Kye was wearing his new vest and asked me when I could knit him something:) He has asked me to knit him a jersey for winter so I had better start now. He has decided he would like a long sleeve sweater, mostly moss green with flecks of brown within the green…. Well, I will have to mix up some dye first and give this a try! How exciting! A knitting request! I can’t wait to start. I am really enjoying knitting these large projects, the only problem is that once I pick up my knitting, I can’t seem to put it down… and there are so many other things that need doing, like cooking, cleaning etc…  Does anyone else suffer from the same predicament? Off to look for a sweater pettern… any ideas?

I hope you are all having a peaceful weekend:) xo

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