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My most recent farmyard order

Today, I am sharing another aspect of my life with you that I enjoy so very much, and that is creating these precious little characters! Each one has their own special look and personality and are truly treasured by those they belog to!

They are all knitted in pure Merino sheep wool and are all filled with pure fleece, they are soft and warm when held and are just so special.
This order has been completed for a special friend.
Thank you all so much for reading my blog, I so look forward to all the comments that you leave for me to read and even though you are really far from here, your thoughts are treasured….

Lion and the Unicorn

Over the last two days we have all been knitting like mad! I have posted the photo of the Unicorn Jenna has made minus the horn we still have to find a horn for her and then she will be finished, (thanks Kristie for the pattern!). The lion was knitted by Erin and she finished today. Wow all this knitting, it is wonderful!! Jenna has started to knit herself a pair of slippers and Erin is busy with and elephant. My unicorn still needs to be completed.
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