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Alpaca Toy Knitting Pattern and a Giveaway

Its here, the knitting pattern for the Alpaca! I knitted him in a boucle’ yarn because I felt the it gave him a lovely texture. I really had to study this beautiful creature to try and create the perfect dimensions. The front legs seem slightly shorter than the hind legs and the chest is bold and strong with an elegantly straight neck and back. The tummy section is full towards the front legs and tapers off towards the hind legs… and what sweet, puffy tails they have too! What fun I had designing him!
His pattern is avaliable in my Mamma4earth shop.
Because this is a new pattern, I am going to have a little giveaway here and email the Alpaca pattern to 2 readers:) If you would like to enter, just leave a comment here in this post and a way for me to contact you if you win:) Giveaway will close on Tuesday evening South Africa time:)
Thank so much for visiting this space:)
xo Linda
Dawn said…

Oh the alpaca is lovely, I love the yarn you have used.
Thank you for the opportunity, I usually knit a sheep in the wool I spin to represent the sheep the wool came from so an alpaca pattern would be lovely with the alpaca yarn I have recently washed, spun last year.
Thank you for the opportunity Linda, another lovely pattern xxx

Congratulations Dawn!!

The 2nd winner is:

Anonymous said…
Love this so much!
Ruthi/Rav: Stardancer
May 24, 2011 11:35 AM


A New Knitting Book!

A Knitting Adventure with South African Yarn
Today I am so happy to write about a book that a wonderful friend of mine, Dana, has just had published. The book is called, ‘A Knitting Adventure with South African Yarn’ by Dana Biddle. Dana has been busy writing this book for the past few years, it is filled with gorgeous patterns and includes the stories of all the South African yarn makers. There is something for everyone in this book, I love it!
I was most honoured when Dana approached me to include two of my knitting patterns, the Aardvark and the Guined Fowl in her book. 
South African Aardvark Knitted Toy, Merino Yarn
South African Giunea Fowl Knitted Toy, Merino Yarn, Needlefelted
If you would like to purchase a copy, you can buy directly from Dana or myself, just email me at and I will send you a Paypal invoice and post a copy off to you:)

Slug Knitting Pattern

Hello there wonderful friends!
Because we have a veggie garden AND because slugs LOVE our lettuce patch,  I felt I just had to knit up a sweet little slimy slug with needle felted eyes that pop up out at you when you least expect it…

I cannot tell you how many times I have picked a lettuce and right inside the innermost folds of lettuce leaves, where you would least expect to find any living thing, will be a complete family of slugs with an extended family to boot… so they are like part of the family here…
This is really the easiest little pattern in the world, promise:) and will be great to add to your Easter baskets for Easter morning too:)


DK yarn in sluggy colours
2 double pointed needles
Wool sewing up needle
Fleece for stuffing
Fleece for the eyes, black and white
Felting needle and sponge

With double pointed needles cast on 7 stitches, knit an I-cord for 3 inches and cast off. Stuff your slug with fleece and finish off the ends.

Knit about 5 rows for the length of the eye stalks and then cast off.

Here is your slug, now to add the eyes. Needle felt the white fleece onto the top of the eye stalks first and then needle felt a tiny black dot into the middle of the white. And there you have your slimy, slithery slug!
Happy day to all:)

Mamma4earth Ravelry Group..

Today I humbly started a Mamma4earth Ravelry group (blush)…
I have been giving this decision a lot of thought and I finally decided it was time. I think it will be a lovely space for all those who knit my patterns from off this blog and my Etsy shop to pop in and visit a while, post photos of their finished knitted items, discuss yarn, patterns, exciting news, share your blog links and thoughts for new patterns that you would like to see in the shop or on my blog, etc…

Well, Happy Sunday to you all and do stop by Ravelry if you have a chance:)


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