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We have been harvesting quite a lot of produce from our garden; nectarines, cauliflowers and onions. I love that we are growing our own food, there isn’t always an abundance of it, but when it is available, it makes me feel so good to sit at the dinner table and know that part of our supper came from our garden.

The nectarines are large and juicy.

I discovered a couple of cauliflower heads while clearing out one of the bends. I hadn’t been into the veggie garden for a few days and was so surprised to see the growth after the rain.

It is wonderful to have this crop of apricots, last year we only had two on the tree, this year we have about twenty, they have grown so plump.

As I walked around the apricot tree, I noticed this yellow apricot lying on the ground. I excitedly bent down and picked it up. It had been lying in the sun, it was so warm in my hands. I showed it to everyone, we shared it amongst the six of us. It tasted amazing, a large part of that was because we grew it ourselves:)

Oh… this makes me so happy! I brushed the earth aside ever so slightly and there they were, the first of our potato crop!!  We will dig them up in a few weeks, just had to have a quick peek:)

Our thorn tree is in bloom, these little yellow flowers are just brilliant, like bursts of sunshine.

Off they go for a ride, my sweet loves…

Still really adore watching our chickens sand bathing:)

Wishing you a wonderful week;)

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