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A Simple Advent Spiral and Centrepiece…

Yesterday, being the 4th Sunday before Christmas, we walked our Advent spiral, Richard and Jenna collected a wheelbarrow of sand and Jen created the most wonderful spiral. An old little tree stump was added to the centre for our candle and rose quartz was placed at it base. It really did look so effective on the green grass… We had plenty of rain yesterday but it did stop for at least an hour in the evening and we quickly took our lanterns and walked through our spiral and then out again, enjoying the process…

This is our simple Advent centrepiece, we have used our birthday cake board, inspired by Sarah’s lovely blog they have the most amazing cake board. I think this will be the beginning of another family tradition to use this board for Advent as well as birthdays, it just adds to the flow of the year and continuity, I love it:) I haven’t decorated it too much, sometimes less does seem like more, don’t you think?

I have surrounded the outer edge with rosemary branches and I have placed crystals and gemstones in the centre to celebrate our mineral kindgom for this first week of Advent…

Last night we lit the first candle while we ate dinner together, the glow was wonderful…
I light a candle on the wreath all made of holly green
For rocks and bones and shining stones
One candle now is seen
We await on earth the holy birth, and upon the boughs of green.
Our hopes arise with every flame, one candle now is seen!
                                                                                                                       From Mrs Marsha’s wonderful Waldorf Yahoo Group
Happy Advent to all…

Waldorf Grade 5 Botany

Erin has finished her second block of grade five Botany. In South Africa, our school years run from January to December, with holidays in between. We have both really enjoyed the Waldorf approach to Botany and learned so much. I thought I would share some of her drawings and activities that she did as well as books that we used for the block.
Erin has been drawing flowers that are indigenous to South Africa, this is our national flower, the Protea.
Another indigenous flower, the Strelitzia.
We have read all about the wonderful bees…
Studied the distinction between the lily and the rose.
Erin built a little terrarium, that is still a work in progress. She filled it with sand, moss, grasses and made a ladder and benches with toothpicks…
She is growing Mung beans, they have started to swell. It is so much easier growing beans up the side of a glass container instead of in a dish. This way you can see the progress of the growth and keep your plant from drying out too soon.
She has also picked flowers, leaves and grasses to make a Botanical picture, you can see Jenna’s here and we will also make some window transparencies as soon as the flowers have dried out.

These are the books that we used to put our blocks together:

The Living World of Plants by Dr Gerbert Grohmann
Botany by Live Education
Botany by Donna Simmons
Botany by Charles Kovacs (awesome)
Tree of Life by Rochelle Strauss

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Congratulations Rose! Your knitted treasures will be on thier way to you soon:)


Monday, Wickiup Shelters…

We had a wonderful day today, Jenna and I began our day with some yoga. I haven’t done yoga for quite some time, but it really did leave me feeling energised for the entire day. We have decided to include this as part of our daily rhythm. You just feel so good afterwards!
Caiden started his Native American block today and we began with a study of the People of the Longhouse. It was amazing to learn all this new information. We are using the lovely Christopherus curriculum and it is really wonderful and easy to work with:) Then to finish off todays work, I read him the story of Heron and Hummingbird a Hitchiti Tribe tale.
He built a Wickiup all by himself from pruned branches and loved the process. When Native American Indian’s used to be out on a long hunt and weren’t returning home that evening, they would build a temporary shelter, similar to this to keep them dry and warm for the night. Tomorrow he will learn how to light a fire without matches, his sister is a Sea Scout so she will show Cady how to do this. (He is very excited)
Later today, just as the sun was setting, we brought some blankets to put down on the floor of his Wickiup shelter and we all crawled in through the little opening and I read the story of the People of the Longhouse to Cady and Erin. Such a beautiful book with lovely illustrations.( Houses of Bark by Bonnie Shemie.) We are learning each day in such a practical way, I just love it!
Our Oak trees are already showing signs of Autumn…
Wise Olive… watching me from the dining room window…
Playful Charlie, always ready to pounce from the bushes to an unsuspecting passerby…

A beautiful sunset to bring a close to our day…

Thank you for visiting, friends:)


Making Rainbow Felt, a Tutorial

Today was such a lovely day, we actually had some sun but by the afternoon it was raining again. I decided to make rainbow felt today and Caiden was my little helper…
We chose some roving that would make rainbows.
We teased out all the colours and lay them down in layers next to eachother and made sure that they overlapped.
We wet the roving with quite warm water all over, very carefully ensuring it was wet all the way through to the other side.
This was the fun part:) We wet our hands, added a little liquid soap, rubbed our hands to make the soap lather and gently moved our hands over the roving again and again to let the fibres bind together firmly. Once the one side is done, turn the felt sheet over so that you can do the same with the other side.
Once you are happy with your felt and it feels like it is a solid piece, it is time to rinse out some of the soap in warm water, making sure to always be very gentle all the time.
Now you can use the ridged surface of your sink. Lay your felt out flat on your draining board and rub it up and down the ridges quite a few times. This binds the felt further and also shrinks it. Turn it over and do the same on the reverse side.
Fill your sink with cool water and rinse out the remaining soap, until your water is clear.
Squeeze out all the water.

Lay your rainbow felt out on a flat surface to dry:) And there you go Felt!
Our song we sang while we worked…

Slowly, slowly, slowly
Move hands to and fro
On a sea of silver
Let the colours glow
Colours become rainbows
Shining through so bright
Slowly, slowly, slowy
Radiant, glorious light…

I think we will make necklace purses with our felt… We will blog them soon…
Happy weekend to everyone.


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