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Back from Holiday!

This past week we were away on holiday in Belfast, but the temperatures were near freezing, so we decided to return early. It was Jenna’s 12th birthday this week too and that is actually why we went away to celebrate with horse riding in the forests etc… but alas, the freezing weather and rain brought us back home. Jen did have a great day however and she really loved her presents, one of them was a beautiful wooden drop spindle with colourful fibre, she loves to spin and really enjoys her new spindle.

Here everyone is singing to Jen, jackets and hats on, it really was freezing, even inside the house!

There is quite a large rocky hill behind the farmhouse where we were staying and Cady, Erin and Kye climbed up to the top…

Just thought I would give you an update on Charlie, he is so big now and loves water….

Jenna’s birth Orchids are in bloom again, she was given this orchid the day she was born by her Granny and every year, it flowers around the time of her birthday. It is more lovely each year…

We have been working on our house for the last few months, fixing everything that needed fixing, this is the front of our home, we have repainted, replastered and replaced the gutters, when I look at our house now, it just feels so much better….

Our new fireplace, this has created such a lovely little space for us in the lounge, the other open fireplace lost too much heat, this closed one is wonderful, lots of knitting happens around this area…

My first pair of knitted socks! I did blog them earlier, but I had just started, now I have taken them up again and I actually turned the heel!! I am so excited! This pair is for Erin, such a beautiful colourway, thanks for helping me with the pattern Carle’, your friendship is a blessing, thank you…

I knitted this hat for Jenna for her birthday, it was a free pattern from Soule Mamma’s blog, I knitted it on circular and doublepointed needles and the yarn I used, I also sell, it is Pure Merino handspun Cementwash. It is such a lovely pattern, and really quick.


Growth of Spinach in our winter vegetable garden…

Some fibre that has just arrived, I can’t wait to spin this….

My new Maths Gnomes….

This order has already been sold and is on its way to the USA. I am thrilled to have added a King Equals (purple, in the middle) to the little group of gnomes, now they are a complete set at last… I will be adding them on my Etsy shop again tonight, with their King of course…

Have a great week! Thanks so much for stopping by… Off to look after my hubby, the flu is still with us…


Our Holiday Weekend

Here we begin our descent into Sterkfontein Cave, it is a beautiful cave which is still living (crystals are still forming and stalactites and stalacmites are still growing). It is an Archaeological site owned by Witwatersrand University and there are active excavations being carried out.

Here is Jen, Erin, Richard and Kye deep within the cave.

Can you see an elephant’s face from the front in this photo in the rock?

Going down a tiny passageway…

Emerging from the cave…


An archaeological dig….

This building behind us is called Maropeng. It is a huge eco friendly building out in the middle of nowhere in an area called The Cradle of Humankind, (where early man was first said to have been discovered in South Africa). This tall building is completely covered in grass and tunnels far down into the ground, where a huge exhibition has been displayed taking all its visitors through the early time of our world and early man. It was fascinating! We saw many fossils that have been preserved in amber. Reconstructions of Early man, what they ate and how they lived. It was really a wealth of scientific knowledge for our famliy…

We have all climbed into a round boat and we are sailing down a tunnel, within this tunnel we experienced the climate changes and weather changes that the earth went through in its early beginnings. You can see there is ice on the walls of the tunnel. In another part of the tunnel we sailed through a storm and a volcano. It was really amazing!

Here we are inside the science centre, Erin is trying out one of the experiments to switch on the light bulbs.

This is a population counter that counts continuously. That huge number was the world population count when we were there and it was continually increasing.
We had a great weekend!
Many blessings

Our Holiday in Belfast South Africa

For the last 5 days, we have been staying at the most heavenly location, it is just outside of Belfast, a little town in South Africa, on a friend’s farm. We have had such a wonderful time. I have taken so many photos’ that I am sure I will not be able to blog them all, but here goes anyway.

It was wonderful to just travel into the country, where there is nothing for miles and miles….. Only grass, tall hills, and plenty of wild animals. On the land where we stayed we were literally surrounded by Zebra, Blesbok, and Wildebeest. There are also Porcupines’, Pangolins, Jackals and beautiful birds that we do not have where we live. The Blesbok would actually come right up to the house early in the mornings. There was plenty of mist each morning and we would look down into the valley below where the next door farm had baled all the hay in the field, beautiful…..

A photo for you Elizabeth, I know you will love this….

The farmhouse we stayed in was totally off the grid, we used solar power for electricity and our water was heated with gas and our food was cooked with gas.

The Farmhouse….

We took our mountain bikes with us this time and we cycled every day, the children loved this. Even Kye our little one, could ride on dad’s bike, a friend of ours made a special seat that attaches to Richard’s bike and he can just sit here and let dad do all the work…I think I am really fit now, LOL, I will have to keep this exercise routine up now that I am home….. There are also trout dams on the farm where we stayed with a little creek and the kids just loved swimming here. Jenna found a fantastic supply of black clay on the banks of this creek and she has brought some home with her.

We also did quite a lot of hiking while we were there and we hiked up to some ruins that have been there since the Boer War in South Africa. We looked at different animal spoor (footprints) and found some beautiful mosses too. It was really so divine to be in the great outdoors, I wish we were still there….. (With an internet signall of course, LOL)

Enjoy the photographs……


A Baboon Spider we found while walking up the hill….. he was bigger than the palm of my hand…

WildebeestJenna’s black clay she found…The Boer ruins…Picnic at the Boer ruins…Blesbok…Richard fly fishing at the trout dam…Wildebeest…All playing in the creek…Have a lovely week…


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