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Wet Felting, Handmade Holiday 2010

Today has been a lovely day. Richard is on leave from work for two days, and it has been wonderful spending time with him. We woke up to pouring rain this morning, we have had 100 mm of rain just this morning alone and it has been raining for most of the week! The sun has come out from the clouds this afternoon for a short while…

 I thought I would work on some wet felting today and this is what I came up with… I have called it Snowdrop Fields and I had tremendous fun making this piece. I think I am going to turn it into a cushion cover for my mom-in-law, she loves plants and flowers and working in the garden.
Tonight we have been invited for carols by candlelight in the park, this is a yearly tradition we really enjoy with old friends, I do hope the sky stays clear…
Off to make a picnic dinner for the park…


Christmas Santa Boot / Stocking Ornament Knitting Pattern, Handmade Holiday 2010

Today I have knitted up a little Santa boot or Christmas stocking as an ornament for our tree… It is such a quick and easy knit, I have not knitted it in the round but flat this time:)

I used handspun Merino
4 mm knitting needles
wool needle
embroidery needle
Cast on 24 stitches
Knit 6 rows in stocking stitch
Row 7: Knit 2 stitches together at the beginning and end of the row.
Row 8: Purl.
Row 9: Knit 2 stitches together at the beginning and end of the row.
Row 10: Purl.
Row 11: Cast off 4 stitches, knit to the end of the row.
Row 12: Cast off 4 stitches, purl to the end of the row.
Knit in stocking stitch for the next 8 rows.
Change to a white yarn, knit 1 white row.
Purl 1 white row.
Cast off
Yay, you are done!
Finishing off:
Sew up with right sides facing and then turn onto the right side. I added a little fleece inside the boot to give it some shape. Sew on your Christmas ribbon and hang on your tree:)
Wishing you all a wonderful day:)

Please note, this pattern is for personal use only, and not for resale, items knitted from this pattern may not be sold for commercial purposes, thank you.


A Simple Christmas Table Candle Ornament, Handmade Holiday 2010

I love the aroma of citrus in our home… It makes me think of Christmas… I have made this simple little, candle ornament that I will add to our Christmas table on Christmas day. It is really easy to make and looks quite sweet and effective.

Slice up a few oranges, make your slices quite thin.

Place them on a baking sheet into a heated oven, I put my oven onto a medium heat so that the slices wouldn’t burn.

When the one side has dried nicely, turn them over to dry the other side.

I arranged mine around a spiral dish, but most dishes would work and placed a candle in a holder in the centre.

Happy day to you:)

Christmas Advent Calendar Tutorial,Handmade Holiday 2010

Today the girls and I decided to make a Christmas Advent calendar for our family that we will use this year and for many years to come. It was a really  fun activity and didn’t take long at all. We decided to use pinking shears, they are quick and easy to use and the result is such a pretty edging, and of course no seams!

Two different fabrics
Pinking Shears
Sewing machine

This is our cardboard template we used for the bags 5 x 7 inches.

I love this Christmas fabric, I bought it last year and used it as a centrepiece for our Christmas table. Today we just cut a thin slither off the one end to make our little advent bags.

 Fold your material double, place the base of your template on the fabric fold and mark out your bag.

Erin, marking our the hemp fabric.

Cut out your bags with pinking shears, just around the top and sides.

Jen sewing straight up the sides of each bag on the right side of the fabric. The top the bags have been cut with the pinking shears too so no need for a seam there.

 Here are all our little bags, sewn and ironed, 13 in Christmas fabric and 12 in plain hemp.

We hung a ribbon from one end of our fireplace to the other and wrapped the red yarn around the bags and tied them onto the hanging ribbon with a bow. We were going to add pegs but decided not to. We hung the bags alternating the Christmas fabric and the hemp.

Such a sweet project for mama and her girls… I still need to think about what treasures I will be adding to these little bags for Advent, any suggestions? I would love to hear your thoughts…

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