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Early Morning Fires and Homeschool Projects

Kye, Caiden and Sandy sitting (at a safe distance) by a warm fire…

Olive found the sun… (photo by Erin)

This weekend Caiden planted his Bottlebrush tree. This is part of his Leaping Wolf badge that he is working through and will complete before he goes up to Scouts from Cubs in 2 weeks time. This particular badge is called Greening the Community. He chose the tree, planned the whole project, chose the tools to use, compost etc… he also has to document his projects in a journal with photos.

He is very proud of this tree that he planted, it was so heartwarming to see him walking out into the garden today to ‘check’ on his tree and see how it was doing.

Another part of this badge is to show how plants breathe or transpire. Remember these little cloches? They are also perfect for showing that plants do indeed breathe, can you see all the water droplets on the bottle?

My lettuce has been growing beautifully with these little cloches around them. The bugs seem to have been kept at bay and the lettuce has been given a chance to grow.

Caiden is learning about the Vikings for is grade 5 school work so he made a viking ship by covering a wine bottle with paper mache, painting it and adding a wooden base for the top of the boat.

Erin is learning about anti-cyclones in her grade 7 geography. She made a globe by covering a balloon with paper mache, painting it blue and adding the continents. She made her anti-cyclone circles with pipe cleaners and pinned them on.

Have you been busy with any projects lately?


Knitting Flowers e-Book Update:

I have had a few emails from readers who would like to purchase my E-book as a PDF for their computer.

The E-Book in PDF format can now be bought from:

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Have a lovely week



Grade 7 Waldorf Physics Block, Colour, Magnetism and Refraction

Jen has just finished her Physics block and now we have moved on to Chemistry, this is what she has been busy with over the last week.

This was an amazing experiment. We filled a round glass bottle with water, stuck a cork onto the bottle and inverted it into a large and sturdy glass. We placed a lit candle behind the bottle filled with water and it emitted the most radiant light through the water filled bottle. This experiment was done at night in the kitchen with the lights off. This method of lighting came about, many years ago before there was electricity. People would like to sit and sew and as night approached, it became too dark to sew and then some clever soul came up with this idea:)

If anyone is blogging their school year for grade 8, grade 6 or grade 4. Please would you leave your link in the comments, I would love to see what you are busy with:)


Today is a New Day

Thank you so much to everyone who commented yesterday and sent their love and support and well wishes, we really appreciate your kindness… 
We were all awake early this morning and went straight into the garden, the dew was fresh on the grass, lovely and cool and moist underfoot…
Richard is looking much better today, he has been resting and still has a very sore neck, he doesn’t ever complain, but I know he is uncomfortable, my poor love… He still has to wear his neck brace for a week and then all should be well.
Today is so much better than yesterday, we all had such a shock, today I feel quite tired but very happy and grateful for this wonderful husband and father…

Schooling was very relaxed today, Jenna has just started her Perspective Drawing Grade 7 block, Live Education here in the drawing above, she is experimenting with depth perception. Erin has sunstroke from a double baseball match  in the hot sun yesterday, so she rested today and Caiden has started his Saints block Christopherus. I have started reading The Sign of the Beaver to Erin and she is enjoying it.

Hugs to all…

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