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Grade 6 Waldorf Geometric Drawings

Today was our ‘official’ start to our homeschooling year after our December holidays. Jenna is busy with Physics, she studied all about colour today using a triangular prism to experience the rainbow spectrum of colour, the experiments were wonderful! (I will blog these this week) Caiden is busy with time and measurement and Erin began her Grade 6 Geometry Block, I have included some of Erin’s work.
Resource Books: Geometry
Nature, Number and Geometry by Live Education
A Wonderful Grade 6 Waldorf Geometry Video by Eugene Schwartz:
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Grade 6 Geometrical Drawing

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well we are off into our school year already, the children actually asked if we could begin our work for the year…..

Here are some of Jenna’s geometrical drawings that she has been busy with this week so far:

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